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SnappybookwormSnappybookworm HighlandsMember Posts: 1
hi, this is my first post on the forum, thank you for letting me join.  I bought two massive boxes of Lego yesterday at a table top sale, they are in good condition but a bit dirty as they've been lying in a garage for a few years. Does anyone have any tips on the best way to get them clean? 


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO USMember Posts: 8,327
    edited April 2017
    There are other threads that discuss this but Im too lazy to find them.

    Soap, water, toothbrush and good ol' 'elbow grease'
    Sort out the really dust parts. If you have a plush towel, you could always rub the less grungy parts on it to see if the clean up.
    Separate any sticker-ed parts out of the parts to wash. You can wash them in liquid, just want to be more gentle with those.

    Dump the parts into some kind of small tub (I have an old tray from a cooler) and mix something like Dawn or other dish cleaner into the tub with hot water.. Let it sit for a bit to do its thing. Then take each piece out, use the toothbrush, and start cleaning away. Rinse of the parts, and either air dry (lay them all out on a towel on a table) or some have used a dryer I think.(I use the air dry method)
    Some have gone as far as dumping them into a garment bag and put them in a washer, but I have never done that.
  • sf1378sf1378 HereMember Posts: 11
    After cleaning, weekly dusting of a constructed set with a feather duster really helps.
  • piratemania7piratemania7 New England/DenmarkMember Posts: 1,884
    As with any "lot" I would first sort out any non-LEGO bricks, any really dirty or beat up bricks (IE with tooth marks) and then separate anything stickered and then follow the above advice.

    Lots can be hit or miss, I got one recently and it had a gold mine of minifigures, but a lot of MB's.
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