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Brickset Bonus Ball - Win #30523 TLBM Joker Battle Training

bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,141
Greetings all,

Welcome to the weekly Bonus Ball with a chance to win #30523

Simply answer the question, you then get a number based on your post  and 1st 59 answers get a number.  If your number then is drawn on this weekends UK national lottery bonus ball then you win.  Simples!

So this weeks question is based around my love of alliteration and my new found love of the Lego Carousel (see thread here if you missed the news

What I want you to imagine is that you are replacing Lego's standard 5 animals (Friendly Frog, Terrific Tiger, Sophisticated Swan, Fabulous Flamingo and the Enormous Elephant.(shame on you Lego for fat shaming the portly pachyderm))

So give me which 5 Animals you would replace along with their alliterative names
Mine are;
1. Amorous Aardvark
2. Pouting Possum
3. Belligerent Budgie
4. Douchebag Dolphin
5. Narcissistic Narwhal

Good luck All



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