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set to film accuracy GoTG v2

monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,271
Not sure if this is a bit of a rant, an observation, complaint or a little of all three, to be honest I'm not even sure there will be a point at the end, but since this is the internet I guess I'm in the right place for pointless rambles :)

anyway, while I am aware of commercial viability and how price point comes into play and a desire to present feature based playabilty and certain characters, I just can't shake the nagging feeling that in some cases those things are just about the only consideration when it comes to movie based sets.

while Lego have been happy to drop random figures into sets for a while (thinking mainly of the Star Wars sets) for the most part the scenes and figures share some relationship, but having just seen GoTG v2 I can't help feeling these were three sets released were done so with little reference to the film (and I know some smart  person will say Lego only get certain slices of the material to work with so some variance is to be expected), but in the this case I think all three sets broadly missed their mark in terms of movie accuracy and not only that, they fail to give us the films big bad for the guardians to battle...

There might be a few spoilers from here... You are warned.

So if I look at each set (and I'm not judging the sets themselves) I do get a bit confused. In the film the Milano goes nowhere near the Abilisk and during that fight to use of a 'stereo' is so prominent that its ommisions from the set is as baffling as the titular crafts inclusion, the same goes for nebula, who while linked to the outcome of the scene, ultimately has nothing to do with the battle. A Milano is a must have set when pushing guardians sets but it would have been better presented with Ayesha and one of her drone ships and no inter-dimensional beast, the same price would have been achieved and it would reflect the film a bit better.

likewise the ravenger attack, granted my memory is not what it once was, but in the few hours since seeing the film I seem unable to recal a single ship being used in that sequence, it was a giant forest fight between rocket and the ravengers and Mantis has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Better to lose the the ship drop Yondu into the set along with Nebula and Baby groot and increase the forest based traps and features.

the last set, Ayesha's revenge is just a bit pointless. The entire scene in the film is built around the guardians taking out the big bad, which is not Ayesha. With a slight rejig you could keep the same yellow ship add in the big bad, Mantis (who is central to the scene) and a few guardians and it works just as well, especially if Ayesha is included in a different set.

the main reason this has irked me so much is that one of the big sells for movie based toys is to allow kids to recreate those scenes, arguably that's the biggest play feature of all and with the absense of the big bad and a the scenes represented not accurate to the film that is hard to do.

i know this is nothing new and so forth, but for some reason this time out it bothers me, also not including the main villain in a set seems a major oversight, that is unless they plan to release him at a convention or polybag later... Hopefully when they do he is widely available to all.

anyway, to sort of get to a point I would rather more accurate set to film representations were delivered and in this case with all the central characters. Wow that was a lot more typing than I intended, I guess I could have just typed - so those guardians sets don't really match up to the film so well. Bothered?


    edited May 2017
    It doesn't bother me TBH. You're right but while each element in a set, be it figs, ships or terrain, may not all be in the same scene together, they all in the film (except the ravager ship). I would think that a child playing with any of these sets is not neccesarily looking to perfectly create a specific scene from the film. As long as the sets capture the 'spirit' of the film, which I think they do, I don't think it matters too much.

    I agree that Ego seems missing, maybe intentionally to avoid the surprise of him being revealed as the main villain? The trailers seemed to suggest that role belonged to Aisha. Also although the Ravager ship doesn't actually appear in the film I can understand why it was included.

    In an ideal world I would have loved a set built around the snowy planet scene, with Sly, Yondu and Tommy Flanagan and a couple of those 'robots-of-the-night'!

    P.S. thought the film was great, my favourite marvel film yet.
  • ReesesPiecesReesesPieces Member Posts: 465
    Doesn't really bother me either.  I take it as the set are just inspired by scenes from the movie.  Also keep in mind that sets like ravager attacks has a recommended age of 6-12 while the movie is rated pg-13.  That means the target age group for the sets are not always the same target audience as the movies.
  • BrickusBrickus Member Posts: 9
    The Ravager ship does somewhat appear in the movie. It appears when Yondu is taking out all the Ravagers, he drops it on some Ravagers.
  • SeanTheCollectorSeanTheCollector BirminghamMember Posts: 521
    Nebula also uses a Ravager ship to track down and try to kill her sister Gamora. She crashes it into a cave where she and Gamora discover the bones of Ego's children. I can't remember exactly how close that ship was to the one Taserface is included with, but it could be used to recreate that scene.

    I agree the GOTG2 sets are very muddled and disappointing but at least we got most of the characters as minifigs, particularliy Baby Groot! :)
    Good points about the Ravager ship. I forgot about both of those.
    Also, the mini-comic supplied withh all the sets does a good job of telling a story, that is similar enough to the film, using the three sets.
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 4,383

    I agree that Ego seems missing, maybe intentionally to avoid the surprise of him being revealed as the main villain? The trailers seemed to suggest that role belonged to Aisha. 

    Having seen the film I can now read and comment on the thread - the point here essentially is the big point.

    when considering how accurate toys are to films there are a few things to keep in mind

     Plot secrecy - while comic book fans would have guessed about Ego's true nature you have to remember that the far larger chunk of the audience wouldn't have a clue. How often do we hear about LEGO (not even considering other toys) ruining a surprise in a film?

    while kids might want to recreate scenes they are just as likely (if not more so) to create their own stories - he'll I remember doing this as a kid with some of the first Star Wars sets - Vader flying a Y-wing made perfect sense to the story I was making up.

    Final point on Ego in particular, they could have included a minifigures of his human form, but I would imagine that kids playing out that scene would be far more interested in the other forms - giant rock monster, light tentacles etc.

    If you want to judge the accuracy of toys to the film (at least when considering those that are released prior to the films release) you are far better considering what is known from trailers. After all Marvel will have had final sign off on all of these, it's the way that IP agreements always work and they almost certainly would have told LEGO what they should or should not include.

  • herbyderbyherbyderby CaliforniaMember Posts: 44
    IIRC, the situation with the first movie was even worse--the only set with Groot depicted a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor.
    @herbyderby I don't think so. The set with Groot is based on the scenes set on Knowhere where Rocket pilots the small mining ship and Drax is dropped into the pool of yellow liquid. Both these things are represented in the set.
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