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LEGO George Lucas Minifigure- A Rare Moment to Watch History

samiam391samiam391 A Log Cabin in KY, United StatesMember Posts: 4,073
As a rare minifigure collector, I thought I would share a rare auction that will either thrill and/or nauseate you.


A very rare George Lucas minifigure is currently up for auction (no reserve) in Germany, currently as of this writing at $2,300:

The last one to be sold went for approximately $5,000 3 or so years ago. It is unknown how many of these figures exist, but what is certain is that the numbers are incredibly low. 

It first appeared in roughly 2009, making a cameo in the first LEGO visual character dictionary guide listed under the "prototype" heading in the back pages.

Very neat!

However, perhaps the most fascinating part about this minifigure is how common most of it is...

The torso? Winter Village Bakery, in addition to several other sets:

The legs? Sand blue, easy enough to come by: Blue Hips and Legs&category=[Minifig, Legs Assembly]#T=S&C=55&O={"color":55}

The hair? Just ask an aging (and graying) Lockhart or Robin!{"color":86}

So what is exclusive about ol' George?
His head! The face printing is completely exclusive to Mr. Lucas and cannot be purchased anywhere. Although, several minifigure heads can get you awfully close to the design of George's head.

What else is exclusive?

Absolutely, nothing.

So what's the end story?

People are currently paying $2,300+ (my guess for the final price will be roughly $8,000+!!) for a minifigure head. While paying a large some of money for anything plastic is somewhat crazy, paying that type of money for essentially just a head is truly mind boggling. In this day and age, it is all too easy to create your own custom head matching the current listing perfectly. Truthfully, we don't even know if this one is real... scary right?

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure into the craziness of rare minifigure collecting :)


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