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Any of you ever come up with specific background for your minifigures?

CaptainLegoCaptainLego FloridaMember Posts: 258
Not sure how to word this, but, by background, I mean does a specific minifigure you own have a  very specific role or a story behind him/her?

Let me show you an example. 

The old man minifigure is the one from that park set from last year. However, in my imaginary world(because I don't have a city display), he is a retired police officer. The car he drives is a restored civilian version of the patrol car he drove as a beat cop. Likewise, I got an older police torso in a Bricklink order sometime back to create a younger version of him from the 1940s.

Have you ever given your minifigures a backstory/background, regardless if you have a city display or not?


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 15,662
    Lots of people build small vignettes based on their views of who the minifigures are. The CMF series has been especially popular for vignette builders.
  • MattPetersenMattPetersen Florida, USAMember Posts: 277
    Yeah, depending on how interesting the figure is, I'll come up with a backstory in my head about them.
    like the unicorn girl is the bright and bubbly henchman of the evil wizard from the same series of minifigures.

    The Old Fisherman is from Bar Harbor Maine. 
    yadda yadda I won't go into more detail because I'm sure you get the idea. 
  • ZordboyZordboy Sunny Coast, AustraliaMember Posts: 5
    This is gonna be a bit nerdy, but yeah, I've always done this. Not for every theme, no, but for the people who live in my Lego city? I name them (after my friends and family, characters on TV shows, my favourite athletes, colleagues, people I meet online, etc), and write down everybody's name in a little journal I keep.

    When I was a kid, I had an ongoing storyline (a few main character figures) so I would make little groups of friends (from sets I really liked) and figure out how they all connected. The characters would get married, go away on holiday ... a couple of times I killed off a few of the supporting cast (but they'd then be replaced by characters wearing the same clothes 'cause it was the same minifig).

    What I liked about Lego when I was a kid was the storytelling aspect of it, the world-building. I could build an entire city populated with characters who - literally - fit in the palm of my hand. And Lego would keep releasing new toys, so I could keep growing the story and cast indefinitely, and I always enjoyed that.
  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,655
    It's funny; when I was a kid I was never much for making up stories with the Lego unless a friend came over and instigated it, but as an adult a detailed enough set-up will tend to generate stories. Somewhere I have photos of the time Medieval Market Village degenerated (or ascended, as the case may be) into Wicker Man-inspired surreality. I think that when we eventually get the attic in shape to have a stable layout there long-term, characters are likely to emerge in the process...
  • bookmumbookmum londonMember Posts: 1,037
    Fabuland characters always came with a name and back story. I mostly used these but did adapt names and personalities a bit especially if I had one than one of a character. Gabriel Gorrila had an interesting life story because I was never sure if Gabriel was a girls or boys name. The mice Morty and Marjorie were trouble makers but their brother Max was Mr Serious. Robby Rabbit and Gertie Goat were the cool kids and dating much to the sadness of Clara Cow who was hopelessly in love with Robby. Lisa Lamb was married to Ricky Racoon even though he was a Bad Boy!! I could go on. Basically I had a total soap opera going on!! 
  • MorkManMorkMan Phoenix, Arizona, USAMember Posts: 811
    I'm lost in the woods and gotta get home...

    we bring him him on every hike. When we get stuck or sit down, he does it too.
  • ZordboyZordboy Sunny Coast, AustraliaMember Posts: 5
    edited May 2017
    ^ For some reason, the Hiker is one of my favourite ever collectable minifigs. I love the expression on his face, I think that's part of it.
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