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Does a piece like this even exist?

So after 2-plus years I am finally working on my LEGO room in the basement. I am wanting to mount plates on the wall for minifigs. For them, I am looking for a piece, sort of a "j" shape, that will come out perpendicular from the wall/plate with studs facing up for the minifig to stand on. Ideally it will be 2 studs wide.

I have scoured BrickLink, looking thorugh all the slopes, inverted pieces, and whatnot. Only having ordered individual pieces a few times, I'm sure I am missing something. If my skills were up to par I'd include, at a minimum, a poorly executed MS Paint 'sketch' of what I am wanting to accomplish, but hopefully the below sort of illustrates it:

|         _n_ 
|         |   |
|        /  /
|____/   /

Any pieces like he above?


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