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Greetings from LEPINLAND Caracas!

Lyonel_McBaseplate11Lyonel_McBaseplate11 Not-even-Lepin Store, VZLA.Member Posts: 6
 Hello. Call me Lyonel. Born and living in Venezuela. Brown eyes, black hair, just old enough to be here, tall, thin, and I don't like bragging, but my grades- OK, sorry.
 Before I start, I want to make VERY CLEAR that the plate was already cracked when I found it.
 Huh? You found the kid? Oh, never mind.
 All right, please sit back, for now begins a long, tragical story of dreams, regret, drooling over pictures, and prohibitive plastic purchases past...
 It started when I was like 8. I had a highly off-brand Pirate Ship set (yes, a pirate-brand pirate ship!), with a nice Classic-styled box and non-buildable figures. The anchor had a regular string, and the shape and quality of the bricks wasn't even close to the real deal, as I would find later.
 Then, my godmother gave me a set. A Racers set. The one I recently found was only named "Bad". I stomped it until it didn't work quite as good. And I lost an entire spoiler-thing on its back somehow. Still, good set.
 I didn't pay much attention to it, until a second set determined my life's path...
 My dad bought it online. The box's front was entirely water-destroyed. It came to me in a time where no other set would have had the same importance for me...
 It was 4982, Mrs. Puff's Boating School.
 What? It's that late already? Darn, the sub-20 final's at 05:30 AM here! I have to go to sleep! I'll keep telling you tomorrow!
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