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Frodo Prototype + Letter - What Value?

FrodoguyFrodoguy germanyMember Posts: 3

Hello there,

please don't kill me if this is posted in the wrong section :)

I wanted to ask you guys what you think about this:


Its a Lego Minifigure accompanied by a letter from New Line Cinema, addressed to Elijah Wood (who played frodo)

About me- im a movie prop collector since 15 years and years ago i came across a box full of belongings from Elijah Wood , which came from his manager. i bought the box from my source as a lot of items were lord of the rings and hobbit related (such as call sheets, production memos etc.) and although i enjoyed the figure i really would like to sell it as i want to focus on props from other movies.

i was for a short time into rare legos and i know some are quite valuable (c3po chrome, mr. gold, han solo/indiana jones diorama, darth vader from toy fair etc.)


So i wanted to ask you where the right place would be to sell this (besides ebay) and what value do you think has it. I would be very thankful if somebody can point me straight to collector/shop


p.s. i have blacked out some sensitive informations like elijahs address , for privacy reasons, aswell as for prtoecting the letter against copies


thank you



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