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FT/FS (UK/Maybe other)

iso3200iso3200 97 miles from Brickset TowersMember Posts: 1,841
Having a sort out and prioritising things in my life. I’ve got a load of dupes, unwanted items, buyers remorse etc etc.

Looking to trade something, or some things to get a BNISB #75095 UCS Tie Fighter or possibly a BNISB #76052 Batcave if you have a spare from when Smyths were doing them cheap.

Alternatively, happy to sell any of these. I normally list prices but as I’m open to trades, we’ll see how it goes. Feel free to make me cash offer for anything, using eBay minus 10% / Bricklink UK prices as a guide, but please no lowballs. We all know what stuff is worth.

For trade.
All items BNISB. Most should be in excellent condition, but the odd one may have a bash or mark. I can check if required. Will consider part trade part cash, though I'm trying to keep my outgoings to a minimum, hence this tactic to avoid spending.

#10258 London Bus with Drivers Licence
#75995 Speed Champions Petronas Team Gift 2017
#76023 Tumbler
#10937 Arkham Asylum
#10233 Horizon Express
#9465 The Zombies
#75919 Indominus Rex
#75920 Raptor Escape (I know this one has a few creases on box)
#21103 BTTF De Lorean
#4000016 Billund Airport x 2
#60036 Arctic Base Camp
#60062 Arctic Icebreaker
#21303 Wall-E
#70146 Chima Fire Temple
#40251 Piggy Bank x 2
#40226 Birthday Buddy (1 mint, 1 with small crease to top corner)
Set of 16 DFB Football CMF (opened and stored in gripeseal bags)
Team GB set of 9 Sealed

#10253 Big Ben. (I’ve not quite finished this so won’t be available for a week or so. PM me)

Possibly more sets and small fry as I come across them.

Obviously due to boxed set sizes, most of these will only work in the UK, but I'll look at overseas options if they come up.

PMs only please. No proposals on the thread.


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