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For Trade: [US] Exclusive Wonder Women BrickHeadz, City Polybags, and more!

starwars4everstarwars4ever The Forest Moon of EndorMember Posts: 402
edited July 2017 in Marketplace
I was able to attend the Wonder Women build, since I have a Lego store near me, and since I've spent $75 there recently, I went in yesterday to pick mine up. Since I don't have much interest in DC or BrickHeadz I thought I could pass it along to someone else who does. To that end, I'm posting it for trade, along with a couple of extra polybags, hoping to find someone who would enjoy it/them more than I. Just so we're clear I don't actually live on the forest moon of Endor, I actually live in the US, meaning I'll only be shipping to the US to keep shipping cost down. Thanks for looking, and happy building!

#DCBHZ-1 Wonder Women (100% complete, with instructions, will ship dissasembled)
#30354 Hot Rod
#30352 Police Car
#40175 City Police Mission Pack
#5004932 Travel Building Suitcase

I have a fair amount of CMF's I would be willing to part with found here.
I also have a few random polybags that were not listed here, so feel free to ask to see if I have what you're looking for.

Wants... This is my want list, so preferince will go to traders with items from the list, but I'm still interested in trading with people who don't have items on my want list. So even if you're just mildly interested in one of the items you see before you, don't hesitate to just drop me a PM. Thanks for looking!


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