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Which set took you out of your dark age?

AyberkAyberk GermanyMember Posts: 9
Apologies, if a thread like this already exists. My first day here and I did a cursory search and couldn't find one...

So, I'd be very interested to know if there is a specific set that "bright aged" you. And why.

My story short: born in 1975 Germany, with parents who left no childhood Lego wishes unanswered. Dark aged around age 10, when the Commodore 64 took over for good. Then, 30 years later, I stumbled upon the Arocs, impulse bought it, and even though I loved everything about and building it, I didn't look into the Lego status quo much further. All the sets I saw here and there throughout the decades didn't do much for me. Especially since I got into papercraft 10 years ago, building (mostly) architectural models out of paper. Lego couldn't hold a candle (heh) to highly realistic papercraft sets (which are also, of course, waaay cheaper). [Eiffel-Tower]

Now, this year, two things happened: the Saturn V and, get this, The Lego Batman Movie.

First, the Saturn V was the first Lego set I saw that looked realistic even up close. More so, the stage-design and everything else about it was pure delight. But then, just when I was probably about to dark age again, the other thing happened shortly after...
Now, I'm sorry to say, but the Lego Movie didn't do much for me. It's clever and everything, but many things didn't connect with me. But... but... Batman?... boy oh boy. I haven't watched a movie 3 times in one week since Heat, over 20 years ago. The Lego Batman Movie is a straight-up masterpiece. Add to that, it just broke out my inner child like there is no tomorrow, for reasons I can't fully explain. Everything about it just hypnotizes me. I have been a huge film buff all my  life (studying film-directing in college), but I have never experienced anything like this. Maybe, at 42, with no children and in a relationship that's set on having no children, this is my form of an early midlife-crisis? Heh.
No. This thing is perfect and pure magic. Not only is it funny in ways both children and adults can appreciate, but the direction and drama just sucks me in like ...bricks on drug. The scene where Batman jumps off the batwing to go after Robin, alone, might be the richest cinematic moment of this year. Though what makes this a masterpiece is the endless charm and thought that went into all aspects of it.

Anyway, things quickly snowballed from there! The Lego Batman Sets. The childlike fun of it all, especially the minifig variations on Batman. Discovering the modulars, the Technic and Star Wars golden-age (we're seemingly being in). And here I am now, less than 2 months and an insane 180 sets later. Loving just about any but the girl-themes. With 140 further sets to go build and probably having the year of my life...

All thanks to the public-idea Saturn, and the bricked Cruisader.  

Now you, please.

P.S.: Judging from forum activites, I'm a bit surprised to find out that the adult Lego lover community is seemingly much bigger in English-speaking countries than here in Germany or anywhere else.



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