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[US] Lego Store

MynattMynatt OH/NYMember Posts: 533
Ok, I searched for this discussion and I am a bit surprised that is doesn't already exist so feel free to move it to where it needs to go if it already exists. Did not see a discussion for lego store events/sales.

So I thought I would go ahead and share this survey response that I sent to Lego from one of those receipts:

I was there something of six years ago when the store opened and for the next two years, I continued to go to that store quite often. As time went on I got to know some of the staff there and one member, in particular, was an employee by the name of ______. Through a common interest in the Lego fan community, we were able to talk about various Brickfairs and brick conventions and through this was able to get to know each other. It was always great having the chance to talk about all things Lego related. 

Now with that being said, it has been quite some time since I returned to this store. I would pop in every once and awhile to see what was going on or to grab some kind of deal or promotion but it was quite rare for me to return to the store. 

A few weeks ago I stopped back in to pick up some CMF and while standing around, ______ approached me and struck up a conversation. At first, I will admit I had no idea who he was but eventually conversations from six years back I began to remember who he was.

I usually don't talk about lego to anyone and haven't attended a brick convention in years but when we started talking it was really cool to talk to someone in person once more about the plastic toy. I had completely forgotten about it all but the fact that ______ was able to remember me over the past six years sticks out to me as something truly great. The community is something amazing and I am still to this day quite surprised that I ran into him and he recognized me. Through this, I know that I will have to stop by the Lego Store much more often as the sense of community that you can get from that place is something else that I can't say most other stores can match with.

I left out the name here just for the sake of privacy. Thought I would make this post to say for anyone who is on the edge of stopping into a store, I would say to absolutely make the trip to one.



  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO USMember Posts: 8,328
    Also, those surveys DO matter to the store and its employees. So when you have a pleasurable experience at the store, be sure to fill out the survey!!
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 792
    ^^ I'm glad you had a great experience there. I've found it's a fun place to visit every now and then, but I think the Lego stores get little attention here in the shopping forum because they don't tend to have great deals on anything. They have their 20% off a few sets, and sometimes 50% off a small set like the birthday one, or an out-of-season seasonal, but nothing to get very excited about compared to the discounts available elsewhere. The best reason to go AFAIC is just to see the full lineup in one place.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO USMember Posts: 8,328
    I typically do not buy LEGO sets at the store unless it is double points, there are sets on sale there that are not on the site (or have a better discount, which occasionally occurs), CMFs (so I can find the ones I want instead of trusting S@H to randomly send me the ones I want), or the 20% loyalty coupon that came out about a month ago. I typically stay away from buying sets otherwise as the tax in county the store is in is obnoxious compared to the county I'm in. Actually, for me, the best thing about the LEGO store near me is PaB and Build a minifigure.

    Pick a brick, even if it does not have a ton of awesome parts anymore, still has some unique parts from time to time, or parts that I think I could use in a design for a building. Plus lately I have been picking up more of the types of parts I tend to forget about when thinking about building something (1x1 eyelet plates, 2xX brick, and even 2xX or 4xX plates) .

    Build a minifigure recently is the bigger draw for me as they keep getting hard to find accessories that were only in CMF packs (and therefore costly if you go to sites like BL for them) into their bins and most stores will let you fill up the blister packs of 15 of any part, and you do not just have to build a figure with an accessory (which is normally 5 parts).
  • kwkwkwkw USAMember Posts: 1,068
    @madforLEGO wait there was a 20% loyalty coupon for the Lego store??
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO USMember Posts: 8,328
    kwkw said:
    @madforLEGO wait there was a 20% loyalty coupon for the Lego store??
    Yes, but it was not as good as you are thinking... It was for one item and with a LOT of 'fine' print (basically forbidding any exclusive from being bought with the coupon)
  • davetheoxygenmandavetheoxygenman Colorado, USAMember Posts: 128
    kwkw said:
    @madforLEGO wait there was a 20% loyalty coupon for the Lego store??
    Yes, but it was not as good as you are thinking... It was for one item and with a LOT of 'fine' print (basically forbidding any exclusive from being bought with the coupon)
    @kwkw I guess some of us are not as loyal as we are supposed to be.  Or perhaps maybe they know we are not going anywhere...
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