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Brickset Bonus Ball Bonanza - Messy edition (09/09/17)

messymessy CambridgeshireMember Posts: 227
Hello, Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening and welcome to all you Brickset Bonus Ball fans!

Its Friday, another week has flown by, you must be aware of the format by now?

For those who are new (welcome!) and for those who have not been paying attention, simply answer the question below, the 1st 59 to answer get a number (based on their post position).  If your number is then drawn on this weekends UK national lottery bonus ball then you win.

After my good fortune last week (thanks again @catwrangler and @princedraven ), a question about the best day of your life seems in order :-)

What was the BEST day of your life and why?

For me actually having the luck of getting my bonus ball answer in the winning position would be up there but this technically hasn't happened yet, the day I delivered my youngest on the bathroom floor was truly amazing but incredibly stressful (and a bit messy)!  So if I am honest with myself one of the best days of my life was the first day of the Reading Festival in 1991 where (at 16) all my favourite bands played all my favourite songs, a day full of youthful exuberance and pure unbounded joy (and also a bit messy)!

Oh yes a prize, this week you could be the lucky winner of #30355-1: Jungle ATV and a randomly selected CMF. Good luck everybody!

Also if you fancy having a go at hosting one of the draws, please PM @snowhitie, who is ever so kindly organising the volunteers' list. 


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