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71019 TLNM (The Lego Ninjago Movie) CMFs

KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 1,597
#71019 has been out for a few weeks now
Surprised I couldn't find a thread - I did search, but if I missed one, let me know

I hadn't gotten around to looking up an identification guide until now. I needed a little something to make an S@H order big enough, and any Ninjago order comes with a poster, so I picked TLNM rather than TLBM.

I haven't actually looked for any yet, but I'll bring the guide and my pocket scale when I go shopping this weekend.

N-Pop Girl seems like the only one worth significantly above MSRP, and should be easy to identify (also the case for Vacation Batman)

I'm only personally interested in Gong and Guitar Rocker for my music collection, along with Sushi Chef and some parts from others for my food collection.

TLNM CMF identification guide based on
Brackets are subset number on bricklink, the X in coltlnm-X

Kai Kendo [1, 12.7g] two sticks, kendo helmet, spiky hair piece
Spinjitzu Training Nya [2, 10.7g] two swords
Lloyd [3, 11.3g] 2×3 tile, also sword and extra hair piece
Master Wu [4, 11.7g] easy. large straw hat, 1x2x2 brick, and 1×2 flat tile
Garmadon [5, 12.5g] two torsos, also round hat and top of staff
Jay Walker [6, 11.2g] scarf and monopod
Lloyd Garmadon [7, 10,.4g] hoodie/hair mold, bowl, spoon
Cole [8, 11.2] boombox
Misako [9, 10.9g] might be difficult, only has handbag and hair piece with chopsticks through it
Zane [10, 10.9g] backpack, flat hair piece
Shark Army General #1 [11, 11.5g] slurpee cup
Shark Army Octopus [12, 13.5g] large octopus head mold. also stud shooter, fish and 1×1 round studs.
Shark Army Angler [13, 12.6g] spiked mace if not good at differentiating Shark Army head molds. also angler fish, mainly part with the light in the middle.
Shark Army Great White [14, 11.8g] shark head mold, fish, flame pieces
Flashback Garmadon [15, 12.4g] two torsos, 2×2 tile, hair piece, camera
Volcano Garmadon [16, 11.86g] two torsos, large helmet, bowl, spoon
Gong & Guitar Rocker [17, 11.9g] electric guitar, long hair.
GPL Tech [18, 11.2g] laptop, cup
Sushi Chef [19, 10.5g] butcher knife, two 1×1 round sushi tiles, 1×1 round brick, bald head piece.
N-POP Girl [20, 12.9g] easy. pigtail hair piece, skirt, teddy bear.


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