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[US/WW?] FS: Green Grocer 10185 New & Sealed

mxtthxwmxtthxw Brooklyn, NYMember Posts: 5
Hi all!

I'm looking to sell off a bunch of LEGO in the coming weeks, starting with one of the crown jewels in my collection, a sealed 10185 Green Grocer from 2008.  I purchased this at the LEGO Store in downtown Chicago in 2010 and have had it stored away since.  As you can see from the pictures it has the typical shelfware you would expect from a set of this size, and a couple of the seals show a little strain but are otherwise intact.

Asking $1100 plus shipping, but can offer pickup (or dropoff?) for an interested party in the Chicago area.  Indeed, I'll be in town later this month (September 16-19) to prepare to sell everything else, and would be happy to arrange a meeting with any AFOLs interested in purchasing any or all of the rest of my collection: nearly all City, Castle, Space, Modulars, and Technic from roughly 2007-2012 (90% sealed, the rest complete in box) and plenty pre-2007 from the same themes (most complete in box), plus some scattered Star Wars, Atlantis, etc.  I'm pretty OCD about my collection and even the open/pre-built kits from '07 on still have boxes, instructions, all the plastic bags the pieces came in, the extra tiny pieces, and even the little cardboard boxes the capes come in.  Likewise even if you're not in the area but want to discuss buying, by all means drop me a PM.

Details here:
**Note 1: Hoping to hang onto the Friends and Elves to bequeath to my daughter...unless someone wants to make an offer I can't refuse  :)
**Note 2: Everything from 2013 on is in storage in Brooklyn, NY; I'll make a separate posting about that soon, but interested parties are welcome to make inquiries.

This is my first time selling on Brickset (or posting for that matter, though I've been lurking for several years now), but I've been on eBay (matthew14) since 2008(!) and Amazon (mxtthxw) for 10+ years as well.

Feel free to ask questions.  Thanks for looking.

Green Grocer photos:



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