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Should I go for this?

Zacharywathen97Zacharywathen97 Lenexa, KansasMember Posts: 41
The best part about working at Toys R Us is that they have an open-box return policy Similar to any LEGO store. The Toys R US I work at is in front of the largest mall in my state and is ranked #9 out of 150 stores in six neighboring states, so I get a lot of business. I am fortunate enough to be working often enough to see people return about 5 opened sets or so every month and the manager always marks them down 50% or so and stores them in the back until the clearance cart gets low (which isn't very often). If I'm really lucky, I can get one of the coworkers to allow me to use my employee discount for another 10% off. Here are the sets I have got so far, and how much I paid for them:

75878 Bugatti Chiron- $6.50 (reg $14.99)
41140 Daisy's Beauty Salon- $4.50 (reg $9.99)
60096 Deep Sea Operation Base $54.50, couldn't get my employee discount but was $49.90, tax here is 10% (reg $99.99)

Now then, there are two more sets that I see in the back that I want to ask your opinion about:

70909 Batcave Break-In $49.90 (reg $99.99)
75163 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle- $4.90 (reg $9.99)

Which one should I go for? I only have about $50 and I can only get one. I could go for the larger one, but I would somehow need to gather the $5 for tax should I not be able to use my employee discount as some employees are better than others at this. I also have other things I'd like to buy so the smaller set looks appealing.


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