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Looking for help locating instructions for a swinging bridge set

Lonjea2Lonjea2 Merced CAMember Posts: 2
edited October 2017 in Everything else LEGO

Sometime between 2007 and 2012 I purchased a set at a Lego Store that had a swinging bridge with spears underneath and a warrior on one side that could catapult a rock across the bridge and a feature with a trap door and scorpions on the other side of the bridge. I lost the instructions and have not been able to find them anywhere. I no longer have the box so I don't know the set number or the original year of release. I have searched sites for instructions using key words like bridge, rock, catapult, trap and scorpion with no luck. Even couldn't help but they felt it would have been in the castle series.  The figures looked like Ninjas (but not Ninjago).  Does anyone out there still have the instructions for this set?  The main feature of the set was the swinging bridge with the spears below.  The catapult itself wasn't anything you really needed to just consisted of a large Lego 'boulder' that sat on a contraption that looked like a chair on a spring... You just pulled back on the chair shaped thing and released and the boulder would catapult across the bridge and knock any unfortunate Lego warrior off the bridge and onto the spears below....ouch


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