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(US) For Trade - (H) Lester Polybags (W) SW Poly offers, PayPal

B1uesevenB1ueseven SeattleMember Posts: 2
edited October 2017 in Marketplace
Just as the title says. I'm a new poster here but have been around Brickset for awhile. Not sure how to go about presenting reputation but figure I'll find that out in time. 

Now, basically I have a few Lester bags that I'm looking to trade or sell, starting with 10 of them, for slightly rarer and older SW polys/figs that I may have missed out on in my dark ages, etc. Number one on my list is the Chrome Stormtrooper.

At any rate, I hope I presented this outright. My figures are on eBay now, as the only US seller in case you wanted to see them, and I also do have a thread on another website (BP) dedicated to this stuff. Mods, hopefully I did all of this alright for my first real post.

Feel free to PM or offer here. Thanks!

EDIT: I won't be back in the US until Oct 14, so orders would more than likely be shipped out on Oct 16. 


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