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Storage Drawer Solutions (UK)


I was wondering if anyone had any advice re stroage drawer solutions in the UK. Ideally I'd like to be able to get drawers of different sizes/volumes that could be stacked together. And ideally be able to add inserts to some of the drawers. The main priority is that any solution has longevity - i.e. I will be able to buy the same drawers in 1/2/3 years time as my collection expands.

From my past experience (in the US), I've bought larger drawers to start with, but always wanted smaller and smaller drawers so I can sort with more granularity. The drawers I mention below look like they could be on the large side, but inserts would mitigate that problem. Then again, being able to mix small drawers in with big ones full of 2x4s, for example, would be very helpful.

I've seen people mention Really Useful Boxes from Hobbycraft. Have these been around a long time? i.e. unlikley to be discontinued any time soon? These seem to be avilable in 8cm deep drawers ( and ~20cm deep drawers ( They also seem to have drawer divider trays, but for some annoying reason these are only 3.5cm deep ( Are these the best solution or is there something better out there that lots of people are using?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated. 




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