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Brickset Bendybadger Bonusball - SumoLego Edition, Part 三

SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 8,459
edited October 2017 in Everything else LEGO
Aloha Bricksetters... Happy Friday to Everyone in the Forum!

I'm back again to do the Bonusball Extravaganza.   The first fifty nine (59) unique posts get a number for Saturday's UK Lottery Draw.  I'm sure someone can post the winning number on Saturday, as I still (still!) haven't been able to figure out which one is the correct one.

As I have a wide variety of extra sets, polys, figures and Lego-related whatnot in my inventory, the prize will be a bit of a "winner's choice".  The only condition will be that whatever prize the lucky winner chooses - it will be revealed further below in thread.

Given than I am a Kurosawa samurai movie enthusiast - and that Rashomon is one of my very favorite Kurosawa films and my lovely wife can't stand the sight of subtitles, anything in black-and-white, the lack of happy endings and Japanese over-acting... the question of the day is:

What film do you wish your significant other, spouse, parent, pet, best friend, worst enemy, @Pitfall69, @Legoboy, children, or co-worker would appreciate just as much as you do?

As noted above, I tried to get my wife to watch and appreciate Rashomon, and it failed completely on all levels.  She hated the subtitles, that it's filmed in black-and-white, the subject-matter of the story, the four different versions of the story, and the fact the film does not give the viewer the objective 'truth' of what actually happened.

Her answer for me would be Titanic.  Probably because I always laugh at the end of the movie, and that I get exhausted from three hours of rolling my eyes, shaking my head and trying to leave the viewing area.

I spent twelve (12) hours in a Continuing Education Class yesterday, and I am doing my darnedest to spend this day avoiding the avalanche of work that accumulated on my desk, so pardon my rambling.




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