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Shocked @ childhood Legos - comments and observations

I don't have many left really, compared to what I once had....but I was looking at these 30 year old or so Legos last week and I noticed how dirty and/or scratched up they are.  WOW!!!  Didn't think much about it at the time of course (small child, why would I?) - but man do they really stick out as kinda nasty when sitting next to "nice looking" Legos.  They're sort of the 4th white wall in a room where you just painted three of the walls bright white and didn't bother with the fourth one.

Whenever my kid gets these, and starts combining them with Legos from unused sets, I wonder what thoughts will be invoked.

On a related note...I see I have four of those old style black bricks for wheels - the ones with holes in all four sides. But I have no wheels for them (:

For the most part, I really only have four colours of bricks: red, blue, white and yellow (in descending order of frequency). I have a very small number of black bricks, and ONE gray 2x4 brick and 5 1x something gray beams. Then there are a number of wheels (Classic Space style), and assorted other odds and ends. Plus minifigs of course (almost all of which are Classic Space). Then there are the plates - a few Classic Space moon style and moon base style plates, and then a bunch of other smaller plates in red, blue, gray, black, white, yellow - and a few transparent ones.  No way could I ever rebuild the Galaxy Explorer from these things.  Such a shame ):

There is SO much more piece variety today - colours, special purpose bricks, wheels, sizes - everything!



  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 Washington, USAMember Posts: 633
    I picked up a bin of bricks off Facebook this last week. During the pickup the seller mentioned her son was getting out of Lego and wanted money for something else. He was in the car and looked to be about 10 years old. Based on the sets in the box, it's clear he inherited them from someone else, who likely inherited those from someone else. 

    Some of the bricks are downright nasty! I tried to wear rubber gloves while I sorted, but they ended up in shreds pretty quickly. My son brought down one of his boxes of new bricks to build next to me while I sorted and the difference between old and new was pretty shocking. 

    My parents still have my old bricks at their house for when the grandkids visit (nothing special. I only ever really had a couple of the variety boxes, no sets). I'll have to take a closer look at them next time to see what state I left them in!
  • alaskaguyalaskaguy Member Posts: 216
    edited November 2017
    I'm considering keeping them separated, for use as a "travel set" when we're out and about.  Kid is maybe 4-5 years out from aging into them, so I have some time to think about it (:

    I recently bought some $600 in bulk Legos from various places.  Once they all come in and I have a chance to go through them, some of them will probably end up in the "travel set" too (:

    I don't see myself trying to clean thousands of little legos though - that would just take forever, unless I could put them in the dishwasher or something.
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,016
    My grandson (age 7) usually helps out with at least the first pass of sorting through the used LEGO I bring home from the thrift stores each week. He's really good at finding any "prizes" in the piles, which could be anything from Hot Wheels cars to Shopkins to loose change. We've found 30 year old parts that look brand new, and relatively new parts that are barely recognizable. Chewed parts, painted parts, parts recolored by markers. #1087 baseplates seem to be the most often damaged, either broken or intentionally cut down to smaller sizes. I just try to make sure nothing sticky makes its way into the main collection. Only once have I felt the need to dump a bunch in a pillowcase and run it through the wash, and that worked out quite well.

    When combining old and new, I've gotten no complaints, but that may be because I don't fuss about it. Kids learn a lot by observation, especially when we don't know they are watching. If you're sorting 7 different shades of white 2x4 bricks by color, expect your kid may do the same.
  • alaskaguyalaskaguy Member Posts: 216 recolored by markers.
    HA!! I found some of those in my old stash (:

    #1087 baseplates...
    I have three of those. One has a little damage to the "underside" but is very functional. None are cut.  I do have a few other various plates that have been snapped in half. Looking at them, not intentionally.

    If you're sorting 7 different shades of white 2x4 bricks by color, expect your kid may do the same.
    Yeah...I've got no interest in that level of particularness (:

  • bookmumbookmum londonMember Posts: 1,028
    I have some oldies that I inherited from older cousins which are 70s or possibly maybe 60s. Some definitely feel heavier than my modern bricks. There is a lot of teeth marks and blue tac stuck up inside and some have bits of old sticker on - I can remember making TVs a lot!! Still all perfectly useable though!! They have survived the decades well!   
  • Speedman29Speedman29 Brickswell CloseMember Posts: 765
    I have all my late 70s/80s/90s LEGO, my parents kept it all in a box in their loft and handed it back a few years ago when they wanted the space back.
  • M1J0EM1J0E Calgary, ABMember Posts: 154
    I have all mine from childhood as well, and noticed many of the same things.  It was a winter project a few years back to sort out all the pieces into sets and bag them so I could rebuild all the sets I had.  Glad I did, but the process was a little more painstaking than I would’ve liked.  I too noticed I used my teeth a lot on the bricks, so had to start with the best sets I had later on & choose the best bricks for them, leaving out the teeth marked ones.  Glad I did it, as I had some beautiful sets like the Blacktron ones & the arctic technic ones that I was able to restore.  The shell station still appears in my city today when I set it up.  But I have no desire to go buy a bulk bin of lego after doing my own!  
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 Washington, USAMember Posts: 633
    @M1J0E, that's sort of where I'm at with sorting this bulk bin I just bought. I finally decided to first sort by general colors, then specific colors. Luckily there was some larger segments of sets still together, so that has helped knock a few off quickly. But with the potential of 65+ sets in the box, it'll be rough moving forward. 

    I've also noticed a huge mix of old pieces vs. new pieces and having to try and decide which sets I want to rebuild with which pieces. As tedious as it has been, it's still pretty enjoyable. 
  • M1J0EM1J0E Calgary, ABMember Posts: 154
    Good luck with it Switchfoot!  That sounds like a big project.  Have you come up with any cool surprising sets yet?  I can see the fun in it, particularly if you get a bin cheap enough to make it worthwhile sorting, and washing!  But most bulk lots I see here are either hugely overpriced, or have descriptions like bin of “mega blocks legos”.  
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,016
    Hang in there @Switchfoot55. I went a bit overboard buying used LEGO at local thrift stores when I got back into LEGO in 2014. Somehow I now have a dozen 66 quart tubs of unsorted LEGO, but still have a hard time passing up deals when I see them on the shelf.

  • alaskaguyalaskaguy Member Posts: 216
    I recently went on an uncontrolled binge.....I think I spent maybe $800 on bulk legos at auctions in the last couple of days.  Ugh.  When they all come in, I'm going to have a lot of work ahead of me.  I just hope I don't end up with junk.
  • Game_onGame_on USAMember Posts: 50
    I noticed the same thing when I started rebuilding some of my older sets I had as a kid.  (about being scratched and what not) 

    I think it adds character to them.
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,016
    alaskaguy said:
    I recently went on an uncontrolled binge.....I think I spent maybe $800 on bulk legos at auctions in the last couple of days.  Ugh.  When they all come in, I'm going to have a lot of work ahead of me.  I just hope I don't end up with junk.
    Mine snuck up on me. Usually around $30/week buying gallon bags for $5 each, but every once in a while my favorite shop would have 30 bags instead of 5. Frequent shopper discount cards for 30% off made the big purchases easier to afford. I prefer thrift store over online auctions because I can get a look at what I'm buying up front. Off-brand parts usually end up going back to the thrift store as donations, and they give discount cards for that, almost like getting VIP points for bringing back the unwanted parts. 
  • alaskaguyalaskaguy Member Posts: 216
    Thrift stores around here never seem to have legos.  I did get a big bin (no idea as to its mass) for $100 - but that's about it. I wish I COULD find them locally...I'd be happy to buy them.

  • natro220natro220 USAMember Posts: 506
    I've never seen LEGO in a thrift store near me.  I guess I don't go to that many, but I do check out Goodwill and the like on occasion.  I shouldn't say never, I did see a new Ninjago set there once, but it was nearly full price.
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