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31070 Turbo Track Racer - Parts missing?

RanoRano AmsterdamMember Posts: 4
I recently bought 31070 Turbo Track Racer. Just completed the build. But there are parts missing (below). First time this happened to me. Missing parts are on the photo on the box, in the back of the manual and in the building steps as well. So I checked Jang’s review video of this set. And his build is without these parts. So I check Brickset, the parts are missing there as well. What’s going on? Is there a difference between EU and US sets? Did I get US parts in an EU box?

Parts missing:

2x 243123 (should be 2 included)
1x 4498155 (should be 3 included)
1x 4498156 (should be 3 included)
2x 302223 (should be 4 included)


Screenshots of Jangbricks’ box and model:



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