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Odd Bricklink buying requirement

I've just placed some orders on Bricklink, and have come across something which I've not seen before. One buyer has put a restriction on the dimensions of the largest package he can ship, causing me to get the below message when I tried to check out:

Items do not fit in the package

Max dimension: 4.5 cm x 1.6 cm x 3.5 cm
Max weight: 15000 g

Your items do not meet seller's package dimension requirement. Please remove some items from your cart.

Now, of the items that I want to buy from him, one is 14 studs long and the other is 16 studs long. There's therefore a slight problem here, in that these are way longer than the maximum dimensions that he can ship. In fact, a 1x6 plate wouldn't fit into his dimensions. I've never come across anyone selling something they can't ship before.

I've messaged him about it, but I can't quite believe someone would put those restrictions on packaging and expect to get any sales. I'd also like to see him fit 15kg of Lego into a package that small!

Has anyone else seen restrictions like this?


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