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2017 Monthly Building Competition - December: Twenty Parts or Less

MynattMynatt OH/NYMember Posts: 534

Hello and welcome to the final monthly building challenge of 2017!

For this month’s challenge, I would like for you to take a very minimalistic approach. As I figure some may be traveling this December and may be away from their collection of bricks, I wanted to make a challenge easy and accessible for all to participate in. That being said, for this month’s challenge I would like for you to make a creation in under 20 pieces. Your creation may be a representation of absolutely anything you please.

Here are the rules:

-You may use no more than 20 pieces. You are allowed to use less than 20 pieces.

-Add a title or small caption describing your model.

-ALL parts count. Say for example you were to use a mini figure torso, that would count as five pieces.

-Please only post up to two photos to give the page an easier time to load. If you would like to post more, feel free to add a link to Flickr. 

-The creation must be new and should not already exist.

-The competition will end December 31st PST.

-You may enter multiple builds.

I will try to get out the final verdict the following week. The prize has yet to be decided.

For a bit of inspiration here are some previous Toys r Us builds:

And two from Christopher Neimann (would recommend taking a look at this link here for further ideas:

One comment that I really enjoy is one said by prevere and is also the comment from where I got my inspiration to do this competition ( Your model can really be anything. It can be as minimalistic as possible. It can be one piece or 20. I would be happy to answer any questions about the challenge that you may have. Very interested to see what models come from this! Enjoy!



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