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(US) For sale: Doctor Who (NISB), Partial UCS R2-D2 (used)

MiniBricks1MiniBricks1 USMember Posts: 52
edited December 2017 in Marketplace
Hey everyone, got a couple sets to sell.

- #21304 Doctor Who: $60; NISB, box is in good shape.

- #10225 R2-D2: $150; About 98% complete. It is missing 40 pieces to the model, as well as the R2-D2 figure. No instructions or box. It is missing the 8x16 tile with the sticker for the plaque, as well as the 4 hoses that are exclusive to the set. The other missing parts aren't expensive (under $7 in total). The set is overall in great condition. I did notice a couple pieces with a little bit of wear, but anything that was bad I pulled out.

I'm looking to sell mainly, but may be willing to trade. I'd be interested in (new or used) Star Wars/ Marvel minifigures.

If you're interested, would like to see pics, or have any questions, just send me a PM. I'll be happy to answer any questions. The R2-D2 is currently constructed, using alternate colors for the missing pieces.

I am relatively new here, so if anyone wants to see some feedback, I do have a BL store. I have not listed either of these items anywhere, but if there is no interest within a couple weeks, I may.

EDIT- Forgot to mention shipping! Cost will just be what USPS charges me.


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