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New Year Brickset Bumper Bonus Ball Bonanza 30th Dec

iso3200iso3200 97 miles from Brickset TowersMember Posts: 1,821
Roll up, roll up! It’s New Year’s Festivities on the forum and in place of the normal way we do the Bonusball draw, we’re going to play in a slightly different fashion so more people than the usual 59 can join in.

It’s still based on the UK National Lottery Draw, and the numbers we’ll be using will be drawn on Saturday 30th December 2017 19:30 UK GMT. Answers will need to be on the thread by this time. No answers posted after this time will be valid.  Any entries after this time may be charged but not counted. Your call may be recorded for training purposes. Please press the hash key to hear the main menu options again. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. You say tomayto, I say tomarto. Blah blah blah… ;-)

So here we go for the game I’m going to call “Tats the way I like it”. Why? Because it gives me the chance to give away some of my old tat - or a potential star prize.

We’ll use the UK National Lottery draw 6 main numbers as our “answer’ and we’ll use the Bonus Ball to determine the prize. One post per person please.

To allow as many people as possible to enter, you’ll need to come up with a random number between 123456 and 535456575859. What?

Ok, so last Saturdays draw numbers in numerical order were 20-32-36-44-47-56 and the bonus ball was 41. Is this starting to make sense now? Our answer would be 203236444756 and the bonus ball 41 meant the winner would get the Ninjago Tat Pack prize (see below).Theoretically, the lowest possible number that we could make from drawing the main 6 balls numbered 1-59 is 123456 and the highest is 545556575859 so this is a bit like playing the real lottery except that a prize will be awarded to the person who gets the closest. Then the bonus ball will determine which prize I send out.

If the Bonusball is numbered 1-15 you will receive a Creator Polybag tat pack consisting of very wrinkly:-

#30283 Off Roader
#30284 Tractor
#30285 Tiger
#30472 Parrot

If the Bonusball is number 16-30 you will receive a Nexo Knight Polybag tat pack consisting of:-

#30372 Robins Mini Fortrex
#30374 Lava Slinger
#30378 Shrunken Headquarters
#5004911 Crafting Kit

If the Bonusball is number 31-45 you will receive a Ninjago Polybag tat pack consisting of:-

#30371 Skybound Plane
#30427 Ice Tank
#30428 Green Mecha Dragon

If the Bonusball is numbered 46-59 you will be sent the star prize - “Tats actually not too bad is it?"

#4000010 Lego House

Fate will decide what you win. Now what do you have to do...

First, as it’s New Year, and to keep this thread read-worthy instead of a meaningless barrage of random numbers, just tell us a little about what you’d like to do/achieve in 2018 - a bit like a New Year resolution I guess.

For me, I’m hoping to lose a bit more weight as it’s going the other way right now, and to do more photography projects as they've taken a back seat over the last year.

Second, give us a number between 123,456 and 545,556,575,859. Closest answer to the drawn main 6 lottery balls placed in numerical order wins.

Have fun...



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