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Monthly Building Contest - January 2018 - Building Time!

Hello all!

Sorry for the short delay on getting this month's contest up and running, but as ever time seemed to get away from me. Which, in addition to the fact that we have just started a brand new calendar year, actually helped me to come up with the theme for January's competition - TIME

Yes, that's simply it. Time. 

I'm going to leave this theme open to your interpretation as I don't want to restrict your creativity and I love seeing how people interpret the brief in totally different ways, but for instance:
- You could build a Lego representation of a timepiece or other means of measuring time.
- You could create a model that depicts the passage of time in some way.
- You could take a quote/saying or (pop) culture reference relating to time in some way and realise it in Lego form.

I could give loads of more specific examples but I don't want to pre-empt what you imaginative people might come up with!

Entries will be assessed purely subjectively by me :-) but factors I will take into account include how recognisable the subject matter is, parts usage, and also general wow factor. 

The rules (more like guidelines, really):
- Your model should be newly built for this contest.
- Please only post 1 or 2 pictures of your entry so as to keep the thread loading reasonably well.
- Your model should have a footprint of no bigger than 32x32 studs.
- Entries accepted until midnight on 31st January, PST time (so people in Europe, Australia and Asia etc. actually get a few sneaky hours extra!)

The prize:
I have a range of spare polybags, CMFs and small sets that the winner will be able to choose from. I will then ship this to the winning entrant, wherever they are located in the world. 

If you have any questions, please just ask. It's my first time hosting so not sure if I've included all the info you need. 

Happy building!! 



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