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Event Index - 2011

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This discussion is for a list of LEGO exhibitions & events throughout 2011, from around the world.
If you know of an event not listed below, please post in this discussion thread & one of the Staff members will add it to the list below. Please provide a link to the official website of the event. Thanks!

Upcoming Events:

June -
1st-4th - Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden: display by SweBrick and TLG
15th-19th - BrickWorld Chicago, Wheeling, Chicago, IL, USA
17th-19th - LEGO Kids Fest, Pittsburgh, PA
June 30th - July 3rd - Brick Fiesta, Austin,TX

July -
June 30th - July 3rd - BrickFiesta, Austin,TX
July 1st-3rd - TOMAR BRInCKa 2011, Tomar, Portugal
8th-10th - National Train Show, Sacramento, CA
16th-17th - National Space Centre, Leicester, UK
28th-31st - Brickfete: Toronto, Canada

August -
6th-7th - BrickFair, Washington DC/Virginia, USA

September -
29th-30th (TBC) - BrickCon (Private AFOL event), Seattle, Washington, USA

October -
1st-2nd - The Great Western LEGO Show (GWLS, also know as 'STEAM'), STEAM Museum, Swindon UK
1st-2nd - BrickCon (Public Exhibition), Seattle, Washington, USA
7th-9th - LEGO Kids Fest, Raleigh, NC
19th-25th - LEGO World, Zwolle, The Netherlands (currently in Dutch language only - English to follow)

November -
4th-6th - LEGO Kids Fest, Cleveland, OH

December -
2nd-4th - LEGO Kids Fest, Hartford, CT

Past Events:

March 2012 -
18th - Bricks By The Bay, Santa Clara, California, USA

April -
28th-2nd May - AFOLCon, Museum Of Science & Industry, Manchester, UK
30th-2nd May - The LEGO Show, Museum Of Science & Industry, Manchester, UK

May -
5th-6th - BrickMagic (Private AFOL Event), North Raleigh, NC, USA
7th-8th - BrickMagic (Public Exhibition), North Raleigh, NC, USA
20th-22nd - LEGO Kids Fest, Minneapolis, MN


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