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Brickset Bendybadger Bonusball Bonanza- Toc13 edition

Toc13Toc13 Member Posts: 651
It has fallen to me to host this week's event. I'm posting a bit earlier than is usual just so I remember to do it.
I'm sure everyone knows roughly how it works by now, if not just answer the question & someone will tell you if you won.

If you want to be added to the list of those who have taken up the Badger's mantle, drop @snowhitie a message.

It so happens that it's my elder daughter's 5th birthday next week (& my wife's but I won't mention which). Some may know that she's my main Lego building companion- although on the smaller sets, she now is the builder.
Right from the start she took a liking to Star Wars (no surprise there), Superheroes & Minidolls. The latter was slightly surprising as there were only a few among many Minifigs (they're now only outnumbered 4:1). Her favourite is, without doubt #shg006 (Supergirl).

All this preamble leads me to the question(s) for this week.

Which is your favourite Minidoll? (even if you hate them all & the very idea of them, there must be one you hate slightly less)
Which Minifig would you most like to see in Minidoll form? (I'm going with either a Rebel Pilot or Sabine Wren (I think her hair would work well on the Elves))

Up on offer this week is a Martin McColl double. I know many had issues getting the last couple of offers from there, luckily my local one is very close & very good of late.
#30522 - Batman in the Phantom Zone

#853694 - Kai Keychain.

If my daughter likes the answer & it'll fit, I may throw something else in.

Good Luck!


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