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Found old Legoland Times (1993)

MrBrickALotMrBrickALot SwedenMember Posts: 19
I was going through my old Lego folder I had as a child. It holds some of my very first Lego manuals with which I will never part. There was also some stuff though of which I'm thinking others might be more interested. Especially this Legoland Times from 1993 (when I visited Billund with my parents) when the park celebrated 25 years. It is in good condition and I can't really find anything about the collectability of this sort of thing online. What do you think, is there any value to such an item?


  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 953
    It certainly looks like it could hold some value. I've never even heard of anything like this though.
  • BrickadierGeneralBrickadierGeneral PennsylvaniaMember Posts: 10
    I collect LEGO ephemera and sent you a message about this. I have a friend in California who sent me a bunch of LEGOLAND material to scan, and this was among the literature. I didn't know these were given out at LEGOLAND Billund. Placing a value on LEGO ephemera, especially harder to find items can be difficult. I sometimes think there are not very many of us LEGO ephemera collectors out there. That being said, I do a lot of my shopping on eBay and have won several more common and harder-to-find items, so I do have some experience in this area. If this were up for auction on eBay, I would expect to pay around $20 USD for it.

    If these were given out at Billund, I would assume they were handed throughout the year (just a guess).

    When you go older (like the 1960s), things can get a bit more heated. In the message I sent you, I referenced a 1963 U.S. LEGO club magazine that sold for over $300 USD. I thought my highest bid was pretty high....but it wasn't high enough! 

    I would definitely be interested in seeing the other stuff you might have!
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