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Abbreviation & Acronym list - Collectors edition

bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,714
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There are an increasing number of acronyms and abbreviations in use on the forums. We've pointed members at other on-line lists in the past, but it looks like we may be starting to get ahead of them & maybe it's time we started & maintained our own.

I'd like this to be a community effort to populate and maintain it; I'll start, but please feel free to post suggestions below - the staff will review, edit & add where appropriate.

Initially I'm thinking of two versions of the list, tailored to particular interests - one for collectors (here) & one for builders (in building & techniques) ... we'll see how it goes, but it may be better in the long term to merge them, but lets just see how it goes :-)


BL - abbreviation for the on-line set & brick selling site Bricklink
B&M - Brick and Mortar (physical store vs online store)
B&N - Barnes & Noble
BS - an overused appreviation; traditionally used for 'Brickshelf', but commonly used for 'Brickset' as well
ELC - Early Learning Centre
Flea Bay - a mildly mocking substitution for 'eBay'
JL - John Lewis
LBR - LEGO Brand Retail Store
S@H - 'Shop at Home', the name of Lego's original on-line store, now called LEGO Shop Online
TLG - The LEGO Group
TRU - Toys'r'Us, a global toy retailer with both real-world stores & an on-line store
WHS - W.H.Smith, a chain of UK stores
WM - Walmart


AFFOL - Adult Female Fan of LEGO
AFOL - Adult Fan of LEGO
ANH - A New Hope (Star Wars Episode IV)
AOTC - Attack of the Clones (Star Wars Episode II)
BAM - Build a Minifigure
BNIB - Brand New in Box
D2C - Direct to Consumer (LEGO Direct)
EOL - End of Life (Discontinued)
FBTB - From Bricks to Bothans (
GBP - Great Britain Pound
KFOL - Kid Fan of LEGO
MISB - Mint in Sealed Box
MSRP (RRP) - Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
OFD - Off Fixture Display (A freestanding display in a shop)
OT - Original Trilogy (Star Wars)
PM - Private Message (Forum Email)
PAB = Pick a Brick
PF - Power Functions
Poly/Polybag - A set packaged in a polythene bag
ROTJ - Return of the Jedi (Star Wars Episode VI)
ROTS - Revenge of the Sith (Star Wars Episode III)
SEL - Shelf Edge Label (shelf edge price tag in shops)
S&H - Shipping and Handling
TFOL - Teen Fan of LEGO
TPM - The Phantom Menace (Star Wars Episode I)
UCS - Ultimate Collector Series (subset of sets which are typically more advanced or detailed in building construction)
UPS - United Parcel Service
USD - United States Dollar
USPS - United States Postal Service
TCW - The Clone Wars (Star Wars Period / Cartoon)
TESB - The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars Episode V)
VAT - Value Added Tax
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (Results May Vary)
SWAT - Star Wars Added Tax (Refers to the fact that Star Wars sets cost much more than a similar sized non licensed set would.)
DDDT - Dr Dave's Discount Threshold (30% off RRP)
TY - Thank You

Set Name Abbreviations

DA - Diagon Alley / 10217
DS - Death Star / 10188
DSII - Death Star II / 10143
EN - Emerald Night / 10194
IF - Imperial Flagship / 10210
ISD - Imperial Star Destroyer / 6211
MF - Millennium Falcon / 10179
MMV - Medieval Market Village / 10193
MVR - Mill Village Raid / 7189
QAR - Queen Anne's Revenge / 4195
CC - Cafe Corner / 10182
MS - Market Street / 10190
GG - Green Grocer/ 10185
FB - Fire Brigade / 10197
GE - Grand Emporium / 10211
PS - Pet Shop / 10218
SSD - Super Star Destroyer / 10221
TH - Town Hall / 10224

Theme Name Abbreviation

AC - Alien Conquest
IJ - Indiana Jones
LotR - Lord of the Rings
CMF - Collectible Minifigure
HP - Harry Potter
MBA - Master Building Academy
PoP - Prince of Persia
PotC - Pirates of the Caribbean
PQ - Pharaoh's Quest
SW - Star Wars
WV - Winter Village


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