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UK/BE - DVD's for Lego?

snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 2,158
Hope this is okay, I've got a pretty extensive DVD collection but Lego is now satisfying the collector's itch. I thought I'd see if anyone fancies some DVD's in return for some double minifigs or if there is a series or a whole lot of them you want, even a Lego set. I could outright sell them too if you haven't got anything to trade. here's my wanted list for sets, here for minifigs.  o

All these DVD's are in perfect condition, I take care of all my possesions, not just Lego, all region 2, all with English audio (most have been bought in the UK anyway).
Almost all have English subtitiles, some also have Dutch or French. I'm coming over to the UK in 2 weeks so can post there for cheap postage.

I don't know if anyone is interested, but thought I'd give it a go. Please do not judge me (favourabily or otherwise) based on this list :)
  • The Name of the Rose (Sean Connery)
  • Corpse Bride (Tim Burton)
  • One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest (Jack Nicholson)
  • Iron Lady (Meryl Streep)
  • We're the Millers (Jennifer Aniston)
  • The King's speech (Colin Firth)
  • The Greath Gatsby (Leonardo Di Caprio)
  • Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis)
  • What If? (Daniel Radcliffe)
  • Johnny Dangerously (Michael Keaton)
  • Mario Puzo's The Last Don
  • The object of my afection (Jennifer Aniston)
  • One Day (Anne Hathaway)
  • The switch (Jennifer Aniston)
  • Seven (Brad Pitt)
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • Beowulf (Anthony Hopkins)
  • About Adam (Kate Hudson)
  • The black Dahlia (Scarlett johanson)
  • Love & Other Drugs (Anne Hathaway)
  • Valentine's Day (Jessica Alba)
  • The Boath that Rocked (Bill Nighy)
  • Management (Jennifer Aniston)
  • Sherrybaby (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
  • Elizabethtown (Orlando Bloom)
  • I give it a year (Anna Faris)
  • Call the Midwife S1&2 + Christmas Special
  • Alias, 5 series, complete (Jennifer Garner)
  • Dracula (Johnathan Rhys Myers): S1 (complete)
  • The Good Wife S1 & S2 (Juliana Marguiles)
  • Vampire Diaries S1-4
  • House of Cards s1-3
  • The Brief: Complete series (1&2) with Alan Davies
  • The OC S1-4 (complete)
  • World without end (based on book by Ken Follet)
  • I Claudius (Derek JAcobi)
  • The Nanny Season 1
  • Silent Witness S1 and S2


  • The Iron Giant
  • Paddington: The Alphabet
  • Lots of Peppa Pig Dvd's: Bubles, Chistmas Show, Piggy in the middle, Santa's grotto, Potato City, My Birthday Party, Champion Daddy Pig, Interenational Day, The Holiday. And three 3in1 packs: Muddy Puddles/Flying a kite/New shoes, The Balloon Ride/Cold Winter Day/Stars, Peppa's Christmas/Princess Peppa and Sir George the Brave/The Fire Engine
Thanks for looking.

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