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Infinity War Set discussion

FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 955
edited February 13 in Everything else LEGO
So now the Infinity War sets have been officially revealed. What are your thoughts on them? I personally really like them and I am very happy that Cap is in the smallest one. Teenage Groot took some getting used to, but I think I like him too. Spider-Man is a bit of a disappointment since he doesn't have dual molded legs though. The new Milano is pretty interesting and you can actually attach Rocket's ship from the Thor's Weapon Quest set. Definitely excited! How will I ever get the funds to buy them all??? Also, there's silver ingots on Rocket's ship and Falcon has moveable wings!


  • blakusdkblakusdk PerthMember Posts: 19
    edited February 13
    #76108 is a must have for sure. For some reason I really like #76102 - small, simple, fun ship and figs I don't have yet. Glad I work 2 jobs! 
  • SearchlightRGSearchlightRG AmericaMember Posts: 77
    The sets look pretty good. I just don’t get why the film has suddenly made Black Widow a blonde (especially with Agent 13 running around) and why they changed Black Dwarf’s name to Cull Obsidian. Do they think people would have been offended by the old name, or did they not think they could pull the joke off?
  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 1,896
    pretty good. I've read some comments about how it's all about the minifigs, except for the sanctum sanctorum, but I would say it looks pretty solid overall. the minifigs may even be the low point as a lot of them have no leg printing. maybe we don't have a very impressive set like the bridge battle from 2 years ago (the interior of the sanctum could be better) but none look bad.
  • LegoPondswaldLegoPondswald The NetherlandsMember Posts: 45
    Don't have any of the Marvel minfigs yet, so am very happy I can get those. The sanctum sanctorum is very high on my wishlist (or better: must have this right now list). Really love how that set looks. Will probably expand it with another floor though. 

    Also like the Hulk smasher set. Looks great. The other sets are less interesting to me, since I mainly focus on city stuff. But they do look good!
  • SirBrickalotOfLegoSirBrickalotOfLego WalesMember Posts: 326
    I think all the sets look quite impressive. The Sanctum Sanctorum reminds me of the Daily Bugle from a few years back. All the minifigures look good too, although they are secondary to the builds in my eyes.

    If you all want a good chuckle involving these sets, go watch Just2good’s thoughts video on them. As per, he’s whining like a child.
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 1,992
    General Marvel Discussion might be a good place to have this convo.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 8,459
    MaffyD said:
    General Marvel Discussion might be a good place to have this convo.
    However, it undermines someone's grand plan to EuroBricksify this forum.  Disparate discussion must continue!

    I am looking forward to just about everything Infinity War.  I definitely like the new Thanos figure.  
  • FowlerBricksFowlerBricks USAMember Posts: 955
    ^It's too bad that they didn't make a no-helmet Thanos mold though.
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 1,992
    edited 3:33PM

    Ok, so to continue the diaspora-esque Marvel conversation, I cannot wait to see IW after seeing how they've made Wakanda look like in Black Panther. It's awesome.

    Anyway, in terms of sets I can tell that Lego got some good notes for the Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack set #76103 -  the wall definitely looks like Wakandan tech. I think I know where the last infinity stone (orange) enters the MCU picture as well, but I'm not going to spoiler it here, and also because it's a bit of a guess. Thinking about the stones for a minute (minor spoilers here):

    Outrider Dropship Attack - blue - Tesseract - Loki was probably the last person to have it. How does it get to be anywhere near the dropships?

    Thor's Weapon Quest - purple - no name - on Xandar with the Nova Corps. I suppose Thor's quest could lead to Xandar.

    Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack - yellow - no name except the character's own name - wherever the Vision is. This is the most messed up one. The Vision isn't in the set, and I've not seen any footage of him near Wakanda.

    The Hulkbuster Smash-Up - orange - No-one knows!

    Thanos: Ultimate Battle - red - Aether - with the Collector (on Earth, maybe? Knowhere?) How does this get to be near Thanos, or Thanos near it?

    Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown - green - Eye of Agomotto - Kamar-Taj in Kathmandu. This is the easiest to work out. Doctor Strange gets the Eye to New York, to either protect it from Thanos or use it against him. I imagine that doesn't go very well...

    So, I think the colours that we get in the various sets are a bit arbitrary, but I'll revise that opinion when I see the film.

    Finally, why do the Infinity War sets not have the 'Infinity War' tag?

  • BrickByBrickBrickByBrick Massachusetts, USAMember Posts: 135
    edited 3:39PM
    MaffyD said:

    Corvus Glaive Thresher Attack - yellow - no name except the character's own name - wherever the Vision is. This is the most messed up one. The Vision isn't in the set, and I've not seen any footage of him near Wakanda.

    You sure @MaffyD ? You might want to take another look at #76103 ....
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 1,992
    Dammit! Now I look like an idiot. :-) I've still not seen him in Wakanda.
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