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Life On Mars & Lucasfilm?

davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 798
So, back in 1999, when LEGO started making Star Wars sets, they told the hobbyist community that their contract with Lucasfilm prevented them from making more space fantasy sets.  Pretty sure that was disseminated by either Jake McKee or Brad Justus way-back-when.

The initial license was also set to expire in 2007, so one would expect that from 1999-2006, you'd see no LEGO space sets.  And certainly in 2007 when they re-negotiated, POOF! ... We got Mars Mission sets.

But what happened with Life On Mars?  Why was it allowed to be sold?  Has LEGO ever explained that further?

The other theme that sort of came close was Exo-Force.  It wasn't very "spacey", but it was definitely futuristic.  Did Lucasfilm perhaps evaluate the relevance and competition level of themes that were upcoming, and give LOM a pass?



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