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Clearing out, Maryland (USA)

donehoardingdonehoarding USAMember Posts: 1

So after receiving my umpteenth return of bootleg bricks, and third SSD 10221... I've been clearing out locally. It's been a fun ride, and Amazon is great for the rest of my wares... but the Lego fun has been killed by the scammers. I've cringed each time I've recalled and checked a return. I would much rather Amazon just tell them to keep what they are stealing versus having them send boxes of random bricks back, or actual entire bootleg sets. I have a theory that some of these scammers believe Amazon checks the boxes when an item is returned so they send something back in the original box that looks just like the real thing.

I had an Amazon fire sale for what I thought was worth unloading there, the rest I've recalled. I've dumped the little bit of wares I have left on Bricklink. 144 sealed sets remain.... I'll eventually turn to eBay for the random unsealed sets I plan on flipping.

Any Bricksetters in Maryland want to clear me out of the remainder? Flat $1800 for the lot if you take the rest, and I can deliver it if the distance is reasonable (located zipcode 21075). No worries if no one is interested, these lovely exporters have made 4 large orders already and if they want to continue paying the Bricklink prices, I am happy to appease them.

If you're interested in obtaining a bootleg SSD let me know as well. I did get frustrated and put one on the grill I was taking to the dump... it melted beautifully.

Have a wonderful day everyone

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