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Creator 3 in 1: 4th model or Secret model

snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 2,211
edited March 11 in Building and Techniques
After making the 4th dinosaur from #31058, I went looking for which 3 in 1 sets that have a 4th model. I couldn't seem to find a list anywhere so I thought to list the ones I came accross here. I think Lego is weary of sharing the instructions on other websites, but they can be found under the number of the set on here.

If you have another one, feel free to add, I just thought a list be useful for someone else.

#6913 Blue Roadster
#7292 Propellor Adventures
#31058 Migthy Dinosaurs - a brontosaurus
#31045 Ocean Explorer
#31073 Mythical Creatures - a mythical snake

And just so you don't go looking for nothing, these I couldn't find:
#31031, #31034, #31042, #31044, #31056, #31057, #31062, #31063, #31064, #31065, #31066#31069

There were instructions for a space toilet for #31034 mentioned in a Lego Club magazine (and a good idea it was since it induced my son to want this set) but I can't find them anymore now it's been changed to Life. I've got it saved so shoot me a PM if you want those.


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