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Custom Iron Man Minifigure

kvdk613kvdk613 NewfoundlandMember Posts: 4

So I came across these custom minifigs on a YouTube video and these are the one I need to complete my set. So I am throwing this up here to see if anyone knows anyone who has ones like this or can do custom jobs with minfigures.



  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 15,694
    Most of them look like the POGO and other brand ones, from China. There is a chance these might be customs done on real lego parts, which tend to be expensive, or the fake versions sold on aliexpress for about a dollar a piece.
  • kvdk613kvdk613 NewfoundlandMember Posts: 4

    Yeah I am fine if they are Lego or a compatible with Lego parts. I am not sure about POGO brand. Never heard of it. I have ordered a few from China and Aliexpress.  These are the ones I have not been able to track down yet.

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