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Trying To Track Down A "Lost" Set....

prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,559
edited January 2012 in The Database
This has bothered me for a while so I finally decided to post an inquiry with the rest of you.

When I was young and first started collecting Lego (late 1980) my brother and mainly concentrated on Town. However, in 1982 he also got a castle set, 6083. In 1983, my mom also bought us a set of castle figures to split between the two of us. It was similar to 6002 but had six figures instead of the four in this set. In addition to the four seen here (for reference: ) as well as two more knights, the counterpart seen in 6083. In other words, two blue-and white knights, two red and black knights and two red and gray guards. Each of the knights had lances and shields (which resulted in an overabundance of lances versus swords in our "army") and the guards had swords and shields.

Unfortunately I don't have the box and the figures are somewhere in my parent's basement with some of my old Legos that I have yet to retrieve from them. I've never seen this set listed here but it stands out clear in my memory since it was one of only two early castle sets that my brother and I had hence it's hard to confuse its contents with other sets. Did anyone else have this set and know what the number was or have any other release information on it? The date of 1983 is sketchy since that's when we got the set, not necessarily when it was first released (and to be honest it could have been around Christmas 1982; I didn't really make mental note of the date back then).


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