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Ron: Hello from Berlin, Germany

rmarkworthrmarkworth GermanyMember Posts: 75
edited February 2012 in Introduce yourself
After two years of being anonymous on brickset I finally registered to comment on the news. Now it only took me three month to register on the brickset forum! :)

I live in Berlin and have started to collect some LEGO sets in 2009. The simple reason is that I have two kids and I want them to have fun with what I always loved as a kid: LEGO.

I love the LEGO Star Wars sets and secondary: HP, PotC and the Trains :)
My son favors Star Wars as well and my daughter will hopefully appreciate LEGO Friends.

CU, Ron.


  • rmarkworthrmarkworth GermanyMember Posts: 75
    Some sets I like:

    One of my first LEGO sets:
    Yellow Castle

    The set I desired the most (as a kid) - I bought it from my own money:
    Monorail Transport System

    The most complicated set I had as a young kid:
    Car Chassis

    As an AFOL I really like those sets:
    V-wing Fighter
    (great parts, I've build lots of different starfighters with its pieces)

    Death Star
    (great for display and playability)

    The Battle of Endor
    (great minifigs)

    Apple Tree House
    (my daughter has build it several times)

    X-wing Starfighter
    (a classic - my son played with it a lot and it was quite durable)
  • JenniJenni USAMember Posts: 1,273
    Hi Ron,

    Welcome to the forum. We started collecting as adults after our daughter became old enough to play with LEGO, we'd both loved it as children.

    I'm so impressed you saved up and bought the monorail as a kid, you must have always loved LEGO :).

    If your daughter's anything like mine (who's 7) she'll love Friends, and Creator houses and anything else you put in front of her :). Currently our Friends are on top of the Creator Log Cabin with C3PO but they've been spending a lot of time in the PQ Scorpion Pyramid :). That's one of the great things about LEGO isn't it?

    I'm trying not to start down the slippery slope of Star Wars, but we do love pirate ships and trains (the HP is waiting till my daughter reads the books).

    Hope you have as much fun here as reading the news on the main site.

    Take care,

  • rmarkworthrmarkworth GermanyMember Posts: 75
    @Jenni: Thanks :)
    Sadly, the Friends theme is still not available in germany :(
    I've imported one set so far, and the Mia Minifig is currently aboard the Tantive IV ;)

    And yes it's true: As a kid I've loved LEGO and played with it for over 10 years. The monorail was the most expensive toy I ever bought!

    And the HP theme is stored in a box, waiting to be discovered once my kids have read the novels, too.
  • JenniJenni USAMember Posts: 1,273
    You don't have Friends yet?! That sucks. If you end up in desperate need, because it's her birthday or something, let me know. I'll send them to you for cost, though if you can find someone closer it will probably be cheaper for you.

    Hope you and your son had fun building the Tantive IV.
  • rmarkworthrmarkworth GermanyMember Posts: 75
    @Jenni: Thanks. Her birthday was in January (too early to get any Friends). I've ordered the first Friends set from France and gave it to her for her school certificate. :)
  • bahnstormerbahnstormer Member Posts: 180

    I'm in frankfurt. Wait a week and friends will be everywhere, the local indie stores are only just stocking it. DC and Marvel wont be here until may apparently...

    Are you a US or UK Expat as you might want to check and buy some sets in the UK and have them sent to family as it is waaaaaaaaay cheaper (eg 275 GBP vs 420 Euro for death star)

    PM me as I can give you some info on where to get guenstig lego in Berlin.

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