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Heroica: Ganrash

davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 798
edited March 2012 in Collecting
This set appeared in the BrickSet guide back in January: 30170 Ganrash. Supposedly some sort of add-on to Heroica. At first I thought this was just a case of someone mining the LEGO website for new instructions, since that's been the ONLY place where I've seen it mentioned anywhere, really. Except... atkinsar supposedly modified the BrickSet DB entry to say that it's a *polybag*. So... SOMEONE knows about it. And 4 people claim to own it.

Does anyone have any information about it? Is it unreleased? Was it a promotional set? Is it only available in some specific country or store? Does anyone actually own it, and can anyone provide more information about it?

Oh, I should add one more tidbit-- The Heroica website confirms (in a roundabout way) that this set really does exist, because it explicitly mentions the "Blades of Bounty" as one of the "relics", although it doesn't say much about them. They don't even seem to have an ability, other than being worth a particular amount of money.



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