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LEGO pick 'n' mix (UK)

MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,837
edited April 2012 in Community and Events

What: A box of LEGO will progress through our list of participants, one stop at a time. The box will be a mixed assortment of elements and presumably the more variety we have in there, the better, as it will better suit the diversity of our members and the various applications of our LEGO hobby.

How: I'll start the box and fill to about 800g or so. I'll mail it to the next person on the list. From that point forward, the process should be:

1. Take receipt of the box (do happy dance)
2. Inform the group the box has been received.
3. PM the next person for their address if you haven't already (I'll also have the addresses, but make sure they're available to take the box and pass it on quickly)
4. Withdraw desired parts. At this point there is no hard-fast rule how much this is. Let's just say "If there's a lot of good stuff, don't take it all" and see if a practical guideline springs forth. Don't take all new parts and put in all used.
5. Photograph your haul. Share it with the group. - optional.
6. Choose parts from your inventory that you are adding to the box. It should be roughly equivalent to what you withdraw. Some instances should be easy to match, i.e. polybag for polybag, minifig for minifig.
7. Photograph what you are adding. Keep this to yourself so you don't ruin the surprise, but I think keeping a record of this will keep things on the up and up.
8. Send the box to the next person on the list.

Questions, comments, any glaring omissions? Let me know...

Why: The idea of the exchange is similar to a parts draft in that one person's trash is another person's treasure. While I wouldn't go so far as to say any LEGO is trash, hopefully it will transpire that our bricks find their ways into the hands of appreciative owners. At the end of the day, the shipping costs probably don't justify the parts that one comes away with, so ultimately, this is about having fun, getting to know other members, and strengthening our community.

I'm not sure it's that complicated. It's gonna be a box of lego going round britain. It's not gonna cost me much to put together. It'll be about £3 to post, and if people don't want anything from the box, they won't take anything. It'll cost them £3, I think people are willing to gamble!

So far I've put in a bunch of new parts (mostly from PAB and games I've parted out, it's not gonna be the best selection, but someone might want them) And a separate bag of (very) random used parts, which if you haven't bought any second hand older lego before might be interesting, or might be seen as trash. I've not put very worn bricks in. But some of the clear windscreens are a bit scratched, but since they're not current parts, again they might interest people. We could if people like have a rule about used replacing used etc... but it doesn't need to be strict (and really it should be don't take all new and put in all heavily used, but I think adding all new/looks new bricks is fine).

Gonna part some more sets out tonight and add to the box. Will take pics when done.

Will start the UK thread with this info too. :)


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