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jlpython: Hi all, from Illinois, USA!

jlpythonjlpython USAMember Posts: 66
edited April 2012 in Introduce yourself
Greetings, fellow LEGO enthusiasts! While I would peruse the Brickset website at least daily, I never paid any attention to the Forum; that is, until now. I hope that I can contribute to the site in some profound way going forward, but for now I am going to lurk a little and see what kind of discussions are going on - and try to see where I fit in best.

Quickly - I grew up on the classic Space sets back in the early 80's and didn't do much with LEGO after that. But then I had a son in '05, and another in '07 - and somehow got back into the brick building myself. I love the modulars and CITY sets, as well as trains (RC, not 9V). That said, I do have a little of everything else - Star Wars, Ninjago, Super Heroes, Dino's, Exoforce, Creator, etc. The one set I missed out on that I still hope to find at a decent price: 7994 - CITY Harbour. Never pulled the trigger, then I missed out.

But I just wanted to say 'Hi' and introduce myself - so, mission accomplished!


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