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The Advanced Collection Manager beta test phase has begun!

HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKPosts: 5,660
edited June 2011 in
OK, so I don't know how I found the time this week to get this written, but between several early evening cycle rides round the Solent and erecting a greenhouse yesterday, I did, and it's now just about ready for you to test.

So, the ideas behind this are as follows:

- If you don't want to use it, you don't have to. If you don't opt in, Brickset will look and behave as it does now
- Its purpose is to allow you to record information about your collection beyond just own/want and a simple notes field and to manage your entire collection on one page.

To get started, go to Click on the button and wait a minute or so. This initialises the database (creates a row in a table for every copy of every set you own) and, once done, provides information about how the ACM manifests itself and also some customisation options. You can change them straight away or leave them as the default and come back later to do so.

Now, when you view a list of sets you'll have an extra icon in the collection column which'll bring up the ACM data for that set. I'm sure you'll work out how to use it.

As I mentioned in another thread, the way it handles you increasing/decreasing the quantity owned (in the normal way) is as follows:

-If you increase the quantity, additional rows will be added to the ACM table
-If you decrease quantity and you haven't added any ACM data, the rows will be deleted in the ACM table
-If you decrease quantity and you have added ACM data, the rows will be marked as deleted and appear greyed out in the ACM window. You can manually delete them from there.
-If you subsequently increase quantity, any rows marked as deleted will be unmarked and appear normally again.

That should thus work seamlessly with the 'I own' tickbox/qty input, while ensuring data is not lost.

You can also export all the data you've entered as a CSV from the main ACM page.

There's still some stuff to do, but the core functionality is there and we can now work together to refine it.

Still to do: [List edited 5 Jun to show progress]

- Indicate in the set listings when the set has ACM data, probably by changing the icon like with notes [Done]
- Display it on the set detail pages, maybe in a tab (although available page width may be a problem) [Done]
- Create the 'entire collection on one page'. This will break out of the Brickset page template and use the full available width of your monitor so that all columns can be viewed. [Still to do]
- Refine the fields in terms of drop-down list options and maybe add a few more if we identify any (perhaps even some user defined ones) [Done]
- Decide what best to do about the date field, which at the moment is still free-text [Still free text]
- Implement any other suggestions you come up with [Ongoing...]

That's enough for now. Get on and have a play...



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