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For Sale: 2010 Castle / Kingdoms / Knight Lot ~50 Minifigs + Castle pieces/books (~15 lbs): $250

madmax405madmax405 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2012 in Marketplace

Found this forum and want to see how popular it is compared to eBay... Any interest in a castle lot? Clearing out my collection for some needed $. These are mostly sets/pieces from 2010 with some others scattered in. Rough estimates are ~10 Sets / ~50 Minifigs / ~15 Lbs. Almost all are in excellent condition.

Please refer to picture gallery at :
ALL LEGOs on the table are included.

Included Instructions (Not pictured):
7040 Dwarf Cart
7037 Tower + Troll Siege Vehicle parts 1&2
7079 Tower
7097 Troll Castle parts 1&2
10193 Midieval Mkt Village parts 1&2

Also: 1 Green Dragon, 2 Mountain Trolls, 1 Skeletal Horse, 1 Horse (Pictured)

The guides + the pictures are a pretty good indication of the types of sets/pieces included, however, none have been checked for completeness. I can say with 99% certainty that 10193 (Village) is not complete, but there are pieces and sticker sheets included (pictured). The 7097 Troll Castle would be a better example of a close to complete set.

Please refer to the Imgur gallery for your best idea of what you are getting.

Email me at if you are interested, have any questions, or want to make an offer.
Looking for $250 + $25 Shipping to the CON US with tracking, etc.



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