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Visiting Legoland Denmark - Any tips?

edited July 2012 in Everything else LEGO
Hi all,

I'm going to Legoland in Billund for two days next month. It will be my first visit to a Legoland, I've never even been to a Lego shop before!

Do you have any tips for an AFOL regarding what to purchase while there? Any advice on bargains, exclusives, pick-a-brick, build-a-minifigure or anything else would be greatly appreciated.




  • LaziterLaziter Member Posts: 76
    Last time I was there, they had a huge table filled with random bricks.
    You could fill a bag with as many brick you could fit in the bag, only requirement was that it should be able to be zipped close. I don't remember the price of the bag, but it was cheap and I found lots of useful bricks which they didn't have in the pick-a-brick program in their online shop.
    If they still have it, you should definately spend some time at that table.
  • peterlinddkpeterlinddk DenmarkMember Posts: 170
    Well, it has been a month, so I don't know if you've already been.

    The LEGO Shop in LEGOLAND is the largest in the world, but it isn't an official LEGO-Shop - which means that you can't use your VIP card or points, and they don't have exclusive sets like the mini modulars. They do however have almost all sets, including Hard to Find and those called "direct", i.e. modulars, UCS and the like.

    The prices are as they normally are in Denmark, which means very, very expensive. However, since most of it is sales tax (25% sales tax!) you as a foreigner might be eligble for some tax exemption - ask at the info kiosk next to the shop!

    Currently they have a sale on the new Minifigures from series 8 - three figures for 50 kroner - and the Grand Emporium is about 1100 kroner (usual price is 1400). They also have an outlet store next to the normal shop, and there I found the 10212 Imperial Shuttle in damaged boxes at 2100 kroner vs 2500 kroner for a new one. They also have some Pharaohs Quest sets at 10-20% off ...

    The Build a Minifigure is very good, they have a LOT of different figures, and it is very well organized, however not cheap. The Pick a Brick is quite disappointing, with very small selection, and mostly "boring" bricks rather than specialty components or colors. You also pay by weight - 70 kroner for 100 grams.

    But enjoy your stay!

    Just got back to the UK on Friday.

    Everything you said is correct.

    I picked up all series 8 minifigures, a little pick-a-brick selection, 6 build-a-minifigures, and lots of keyrings and magnets at decent, reduced prices.

    I didn't buy any sets as I didn't have room to take them back on the plane (i was travelling light, with just a rucksack whick was already full).

    As a european I can't get tax exemption in denmark, although any travellers outside europe may (any american members - keep this in mind if going to europe!).

    I really enjoyed it, it was a great way to end our honeymoon.

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