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We have "Own" and "Want", how about "For Trade"?

TyoSoloTyoSolo Member Posts: 539
edited January 2013 in
I know that you can mark sets for trade in the ACM, however I don't put any of my trade items in my Brickset "Owned" list, Only those I have and intend to keep. Is anyone else the same?

I was wondering if anyone else would benefit from having a "For Trade" list here on Brickset that sits seperately similar to the "Owned" and "Want" lists, and how easy it would be for Huw to implement?

One thing for sure is that it would save typing out huge "haves" lists out on the marketplace when posting your trade topics.

Sorry if this has been fielded before my very brief search yielded no results other than large "For Trade" lists on the marketplace.


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