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2013 Brickset Raffle *ENTRY TO RAFFLE NOW CLOSED*

SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,007
edited May 2013 in Community and Events
Here is the moment you have all been waiting for the 2013 Raffle, Prize Draw or any other name you would like to give it.

So straight down to business the prizes on offer are as follows

Mr. Gold series 10 minifigure
New and sealed Chrome Darth Vader poly #4547551
New and sealed Chrome Stormtrooper poly #2853590
New and sealed Chrome Shadow Arf Trooper poly #2856197
New Silver Cedric minifig
New and sealed Hoth Han poly #5001621
New and sealed Jor-El poly #5001623
New and sealed Shirtless Darth Maul poly #500062
New and sealed TC-14 poly #500063
New and sealed NY Taxi poly #40025
New and sealed BR minifig #50001121
New and sealed Monster Fighter Zombie Cars #30200 + #40076
New Stig key chain
BNIB Sopwith Camel #10226
New Chrome Gold minifig key chain
New and sealed Hulk poly #500022
New and sealed Chase McCain poly #5000281
New and sealed Z-95 Headhunter poly #30240
New and sealed Mandalorian Fighter poly #30241
New and sealed Statue Of Liberty poly #40026
New and sealed Mini Hogwarts Express #40028
New and sealed Mini Sopwith Camel poly #40049
New and sealed Mirkwood Elf guard poly #30212
New and sealed Ganrash poly #30170
New and sealed ADU Walker poly #30140
New and sealed Lex Luther poly #30164
New and sealed Elrond poly #5000202
New and sealed Brickmaster polys #20018 + #20019
New and sealed Shirtless Darth Maul #500062 + NY Taxi poly #40025
New and sealed CMF Series 2 complete set
New and sealed 2011 Holiday set #3300020
New and sealed Target Practice poly #30062
New and sealed 2012 Holiday set #3300014
New and sealed Ferrari/Shell promo polys complete set
BNIB Monster Fighters Zombies #9465

I'm sure that you will agree that there are some fabulous prizes on offer.

To enter couldn't be easier:
-£1 per ticket (multiple tickets allowed)
-Payment sent via PayPal to
-Please include your Brickset ID (Main site or forum) in the comments and mark it as a gift payment so we are not throwing money away on fees.
-Do not mention 'raffle' in the payment text

Prizes will be allocated as follows. The first name drawn will have their pick from all the prizes.

After that there will be two hats. One with names. One with prizes. A name will be drawn and then a prize until everything is allocated. Prize givers are allowed to enter but they are not allowed to win their own prizes. If you make multiple entries then it will be possible to win more than one prize.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be taken and split evenly between the following hospitals

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
Glasgow York Hill
Indianapolis Peyton Manning St Vincent
Canberra Hospital Foundation

Contact is also being made with a hospital in France and Australia but as yet the details are TBC.

No cash will be handed over. It will be given to trusted Brickset members to spend on Lego and be delivered locally. With our collective buying knowledge we are much more likely to get maximum value for money and therefore more bricks into sick kids hands.

A closing date for entries has now been set as 20th May 2013 23:00 BST (British Summer Time).

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed prizes and thanks in advance for your entries. Any questions either post here or PM me.

Please don't be shy in promoting this elsewhere. Take it school/work/college etc. If you're well known on other boards (I'm not) get a thread going or even better if you know admins a little front page action would be amazing. If you are going to enter on behalf of non members then please make sure you let me know via pm.

The picture is our Brickset Raffle Totalizer kindly produced by @LostInTranslation . Sadly no numbers yet but as entries arrive they will appear..... How high can we take it.......?

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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