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LEGO's "true intentions" - nominations for a classic set 'make over'

bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
edited August 2011 in Everything else LEGO
OK, after the previous question about "what sets do AFOLs like", LEGO have come back & said "actually we meant to ask slightly different question" ... so they've asked the AFOL community to start over with the nominations ...
Dear Ambassadors,

Recently we asked for your help in finding out what are some of your most favorite models of all time. The information you provided us was surprising in how many recent sets were included on the list. That was wonderful to hear, however it didn’t quite provide us with enough suggestions for our true intentions.

The Direct Team is considering refreshing a model which is a LEGO fan favorite from years past. We are not looking to do a LEGO Legend. Instead, we would like to completely rethink a classic model by using today’s building techniques, colors and styling. Imagine it very much like when the Star Wars team revisits classic icons like the X-wing or when the Direct Team revisited Town Plan.

Please keep your choices to sets released in the 1970s, 1980s & 1990s. The sets should include minifigures, be non-IP (No Star Wars, Ferrari, Maersk, etc) and unfortunately not be a monorail or any other train that rides on one rail. If the sets are from the 1970s and did not originally include minifigures, try to imagine that the new version would have minifigures.

Deadline for suggestions is the 29th of August!

Many thanks for your help,

LEGO Direct Team
Their deadline is 29th August; I'll need some time to collate the responses, so please respond here by the end of Saturday 27th August.

Based on this new question, I have no hesitation in nominating the classic 497/928 space ship for this 'make over' ... - "Galaxy Explorer" - "Space Cruiser And Moonbase"



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