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Fire Brigade 10197 missing parts



  • LegoboyLegoboy 497 miles from BillundMember
  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember
    @The_Brick_Builder My one is a 38S0 and I've just finished building - no missing bags :)

    Its a fantastic looking building too, my first modular. For those that have to wait for missing parts - its well worth it to see the finished product, and if its only the gold helmets that are going to take longer to produce, they can be easily installed after the building is complete.
  • @StuBoy Yay! Thanks for the good news! I would be bummed if I had to take the risk of exchanging my mint box for a box with shelf wear, even though I'm going to crack it open and build it some time.
  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember
    ^ Haha, yeah, when I first read about this problem a few months ago I opened my box and counted all the bags, but never could be certain until I built it that it was complete.

    I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has the faulty batch number that didn't have missing bags to post though.
  • I went to the lego store in the bay area today, and talked to a couple of the employees...they all said 10197 is being discontiued....they had none in stock, and said they werent going to be getting anymore. I have a total of 20 of these, and was going to return 5 or so, (because i thought it was going to take forever for them to be eol), but decided against it after i didnt see them on the shelves, and talked to the employees about it. I think this set is going to be sold out at lego sooner than later, but its going to take a lil time for the inventory to dry up on amazon, etc...unless LegofanTexas decides to buy them all. lol Cant wait!
  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember
    ^20!!! I hope they all aren't the dodgy batch number.
  • Very funny... :)

    I might go exchange some of the GEs I've got saved for FBs after reading this...

  • ^ funny, I was going to trade my 5 FBs for 5 GEs, but didnt. I only had 3 out of my 20 with batch # 39R1...already returned them for 44R1. =)...for some reason, i feel GE will be more valuable than FB in the future...jus my feeling
  • GE is a "corner set", so yes I think in the long run it will be worth more, but that long run will take longer if it sticks around for another year. :) I've got 6 of them in the closet, that is a lot of money to be sitting around if I can exchange them for FB. :)
  • Given the new LEGO strategy of retiring the exclusives without much ado, with a huge cut back like they did with Market Street, Cafe Corner or Green Grocer, I would not count on GE to stay on the shelves until Xmas 2012. As investors get aware that LEGO is discontinuing these sets without a sale, they'll be buying them at MSRP right around Black Friday, leaving very little on the shelves for Xmas 2012. It's a long shot, but no one will risk waiting for discounts on this set, and will grab as many as possible to resell later as this one has the same potential as Cafe Corner in the long run.

    @LegoFanTexas I'd not get rid of GEs right now. Buy more FBs if you will, but keep your GEs, as they may go up in value before you expect.
  • Perhaps, but I've just about reached the limit of my Lego budget, so to obtain more FBs would require unloading the GEs. Right now, the easy solution is to just swap them in the store.

    Oh well, we'll see what shows up in the Tuesday shipment at my local store and what is left on the shelf at that point.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator
    edited December 2011
    Guys - you're going way off topic here; let's please not morph this into another discussion about how many of these sets you've got, when they're going to retire etc.. Thanks.
  • I got my shipment notice the other day for the missing pieces, there was nothing in my shipment notice about any pieces being backordered.

    I also was sent an email shipping notice for the extra set they are sending. Most likely it will arrive today or Tuesday.
  • I just spoke with an employee in Santa Clara, CA. He was pretty sure 10197 is not going to be discontinued any time soon. They will be getting a few shipment come in two weeks later. I also see 10197 in the latest catalog, looks like 10197 is going to be around for a while.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator
    @FatherofLegoFan - I am curious what set they're sending you. Can you let us know?
  • @drdavewatford - fair enough... then all I'll say is that I stopped by my local Lego store today (1/2/12) and they are now out of FB and won't be getting more in the next two weeks, so anyone planning to exchange a defective set can't do it here in person for awhile.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 497 miles from BillundMember
    @Yellowcastle - I can't speak for Father, but the set they sent me by way of apology was the 6913 Blue Roadster. Certainly wasn't expecting anything at all, but just seemed to force it on me, "Mwokey then".
  • status of 10197 has changed to "Available" now.
  • I just spoke with an employee in Santa Clara, CA. He was pretty sure 10197 is not going to be discontinued any time soon. They will be getting a few shipment come in two weeks later. I also see 10197 in the latest catalog, looks like 10197 is going to be around for a while.
    While I cannot speak as to when it is getting discontinued I can say I have seen sets appear in a catalog and then be gone a month later.

  • Yes, I believe that happened to Green Grocer last year. I'll check my old catalogs...
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember
    I want to chime in that I picked up a 39R1 Lot from a B&M Lego store around Black Friday. I was worried about the missing bag, but turned out all pieces were accounted for. So I believe the Lego Rep when they said not all of 39R1 Lots were affected.
  • Nice! I believe this is the first member to report NOT having problems with 39R1. It's good to know there are good sets of that batch out there.
  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember
    @BrickDancer @Coolpix This has finally confirmed why TLG couldn't/didn't just recall the whole batch like people were suggesting. It seems like its a lot more complicated than we think.
    Must be a nightmare for TLG to work out how and why something went wrong in the production for only some of this batch.
  • kkskks Member
    I am still waiting on my replacement parts, I called on 12/12 , and called again on Monday, Lego Rep claims it was shipped out on 12/15 and to keep waiting. For those who have received the missing bag, how long did it take? Also should I have received a shipping notice email?

  • Looks like Amazon isn't allowing themselves sell the Fire Brigade for the time being, likely due to customers stuck with 39R1 sets:

    "Item Under Review

    While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

    We're working to fix the problem as quickly as possible."
  • Yes, give it time, either Amazon will return the whole lot to Lego, or release them for sale.
  • Spoke to someone from Amazon and it confirms what LegoFanTexas is saying. It's all "pending the investigation." I assume Lego will tell Amazon they have some stock #'s to send them without the issue. That's what I'm hoping at least.

  • @FatherofLegoFan - I am curious what set they're sending you. Can you let us know?
    4436 Police Pursuit - arrived in 3 days.

    Kept my son happy about 15 minutes... I wasn't looking for something free, so that is just a bonus.
  • HighFlyerHighFlyer Member
    edited January 2012
    I contacted LEGO a couple of days ago via email and they said that this issue is known and is being resolved. And for the record, 10197 is not discontinued yet. For those in the UK, you may notice that on S@H it says that it is "Out of Stock, Expected Ship Date 10 Feb 2012". This means a new inventory of sets is coming in. So for those who want to buy more Fire Brigades, here's your chance.
  • Parts showed up on Tuesday. All the parts appear to be in the bag that was supplied. I believe it took 14 calendar days.
  • Ma1234Ma1234 Member
    edited January 2012
    It would not be in the January catalog if it didn't have some life left. Expect to see it readily available for the next few months, at the least.

    Yes, sets appear in catalogs and then are gone a month later, but that's in the winter catalog, when everybody and their brother is buying toys.
  • Back in stock at Amazon US as of this morning.
  • I've been waiting for my local LEGO store to get a shipment in. They finally did yesterday so I went to pick 1-2 up. When I was looking at the box it had the 39R1 stickers holding it closed.... I didn't plan on opening the box. I have also contacted LEGO via email but haven't heard back. What do you all think?

  • tk79tk79 Member
    edited January 2012
    What do you all think?
    I think I wouldn't buy way, no sir.

  • Or buy them, and be sure to exchange them when they get more in.

  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember
    edited January 2012
    ^^ Why not buy it??
    It will either be:
    A) Perfect
    B) Missing some pieces that TLG know about and will send you out free and they will say sorry and maybe even send you a small gift as a way of apologizing.

    What do you lose either way?

    Oh, just realised, you may be one of these, keep Mint in box guys, if that was the case then I would probably wait for an alternative shipment so you have confidence in the content.
  • tk79tk79 Member
    edited January 2012
    Yeah, he said, "I didn't plan on opening the box." Unless I misunderstood the meaning, I assumed that meant he was keeping it unopened long-term.

    But getting it and exchanging it for a different lot number in the next month is a good idea too if he's looking to keep it long-term.
  • Thank you all! I forgot to mention I had already purchased it. I will be holding on to it till the store gets a new shipment in, then exchanging for a different lot number. Just wish it wasn't so far away!
  • I bought one from the 32R1 batch. I cracked it open to verify contents, and luckily I was quickly able to locate the bag of parts that @flump6523 told us about earlier in the thread. For me, it is a small bag within a larger bag. But I can see the 2x gold helmets, axes, etc.

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  • I just ordered from that last batch on Amazon a few days ago. They are 39R1. I think I will have my son build one to see. I will let you know. It is odd that they are now selling them again after the statement.
  • I did as well, through the warehouse deals (slight box damage) so I didn't really consider a trade-in at a store. Already called LEGO as a just in case and they are just sending me the missing bag. Should be here in 2 weeks. I suggest you do the same so you're not left waiting too long. It's two weeks coming in from Denmark. They've been very accomodating though and as we are building it I don't see it as such a big deal. I can see how collectors and resellers with multiple boxes might be concerned though. All the same, seems like LEGO should be allowed a slip-up here and there considering they are so on point most of the time. Looking forward to our first modular.
  • Well, mine were ordered direct through them on the 13th not the warehouse. The pieces are missing from the first box as we just dumped them and checked the list from above. So, the problem is still going on.
  • edited January 2012
    @intromission, thank you for posting about the warehouse sales - just hit submit on mine. I had a GC so that made it a very reasonable price, too. It sounds like if I do get a 39R1, Lego is being very reasonable about it, so I am not too worried.
  • Yeah exactly. I wasn't too concerned knowing that LEGO would send the missing bag. I'm glad Amazon released the stock for sale again though because for the week they removed them the prices spiked. It was super reasonable for me too but took some work, hehe. $50 Amazon GC from Swagbucks. $55 Target GC for $45 from Craigslist converted to Kindle Cards. I'm psyched.
  • @intromission , LEGO denied shipping me the missing bag and told me if I wanted to know, then I needed to 'gently' open the box.... even after I told them specifically I want to keep it MISB. AND asked for the missing bag just in case. ARGH, I hate when different company reps handle situations differently.
  • ^ I had a similar thing happen to me on the 10213 Shuttle set. It has a known build weakness, and there is a service pack for it. The rep I talked to was aware of the service pack, and asked me if I had built the set yet. I informed her that I still had it in the box. She told me the service pack was only for those who were actually having problems in the stability of the construction and to call back once I've built the set and experienced any problems.
  • @sidersdd , do you happen to know what the missing contents are or the bag number for FB? I will probably just call this time around and tell them such and such parts are missing (even though it is MISB). I hate to cheat, but in this scenario I believe it is acceptable. Given the fact that they sent intromission a bag!
  • @airjordan

    It's highlighted earlier in this thread. A chart was posted. It's a small, non-numbered bag that has the 2x gold helmets and some other stuff in it.
  • @odindusk , thank you! Before I count every missing part, I gave it one more shot at contacting LEGO. Hopefully they don't continue to question me about the missing parts. MISB means MISB. Not mint bags sealed in opened box!!! I did not buy this set to open
  • Really, this shouldn't be hard...

    If Lego doesn't want to send you the bag of parts, then return the set for a 44R1, or a refund.

    I picked up 5 more FB from Amazon now that they have restocked. Ignoring that they crushed 2 of them in shipment which will go back to them (stupid Amazon warehouse monkeys), all 5 were 39R1, so I'll either have to exchange these at my local Lego store when they restock, or I'll return all 5.

    2 years from when now when these are selling for $500, I'm not interested in "is this set from that bad batch?" type questions.
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