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For Sale: Found Some Older Polybags If Anyone is Interested

teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 602
edited April 2012 in Marketplace
Hello all,

I was out with the wife yesterday and came across some Lego polybags. Most seemed to be about 2 years old. I was hoping to help anyone out who did not get them the first time around:

30012 Microlight
30025 Clown Fish
30010 Fire Chief
30051 X-Wing Fighter
30040 Atlantis Octopus

Unfortunately, even though they were at a "discount" store, they were still priced at $3.99 plus tax. I can probably get these out for about $7 shipped, with a better deal if you get more than one. Let me know if anyone has any questions!



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